A Clear Message

A Clear Message


The following text was already written in 1996 in the night sky over Hemmingen near Hanover.

It was again the aliens from the “white side of power” from the Anunaki group who wrote a similar text in the night sky over Braunschweig with their flying saucer in December 2012. This is thanks to two attentive contemporaries who were not satisfied with sighting the dancing UFO, but also photographed the spectacle with a longer exposure time.

The content of the text is undoubtedly a warning addressed to humanity. It seems that mankind did not understand the two warnings, or rather ignored them, because the global population of people continues to expand! As a result, the habitat of general life, such as animals and plants, especially forests (CO 2 killers) on earth, is considerably impaired. This behavior has a lasting effect on the natural ecosystem of the earth, which will most likely no longer be tolerated by the alien protectors of the earth, the light side of the force.


The text is to be read from right to left. For a better understanding, I have normalized this.


dhi-sa-as vi-s v a-dha

Our victory will be complete!

as pa d -as asu-pa      t sa

Therefore, respect, protect life;

pa th           vi da asu

it is the way of wisdom. Because, this life, which of us,

sha.ra-as ra-as asu

given to people out there in the circlet is wonderful. This (extra-terrestrial) life

vi asu-as dhi

illuminates the living earth brightly!


Night sky over Hemmingen near Hanover Image source: Magazin 2000-plus UFO Spezial, page. 167 Marktoberdorf in Bavaria

Do you remember the catastrophic Banda Aceh tsunami on the morning of December 25, 2004. With this action, addressed to political leaders, the extraterrestrial protectors of the earth had undoubtedly demonstrated their superiority!

Climate change is a naturally occurring process in the geology of the earth and is therefore not the primary problem. The real problem is the continual increase in humanity on earth. If the rampant growth of humans does not stop, the aliens from the light side of the force will loosen the Anunaki group in their own way !!!