A Knight Hubertus & The Holy Grail

A Knight Hubertus & The Holy Grail

As announced by the goddess, in autumn of the year 1225, Ishtar isai comes to the Mount Untersberg Commandery, and the first stated appearance of her took place. The appearances continued for about twelve years and most likely ended in the thirteenth year with the transfer of the grand “Ishtar-isai revelation” in the year 1238.   

Meanwhile, so it is documented, four more privy Knight Brothers joined the Commandery after having remained even longer in the Orient. It is further documented that from the years of 1226 11 women had been continuous members of the community. This was not uncommon since Hubertus and his brothers were not Knightmonks, and consequently, not bonded by the celibacy!  

I do not doubt during the past years Hubertus had successfully re-discovered Ashtar-taras’ “Sisters of the Eternal Fires” and had gathered them as Sisterhood at the Mount Untersberg Commandery. Actually, the community had counted 11 women and 11 men, totalling of 22 people; 22 is the holy number of the Great Goddess of War and Love in one; one of her symbols is an owl! In the olden days, the Sisterhood was also known as the “Sisters of the Red Rose” or the “White Lily”, respectively; those who are really interested in discovering their true femininity, don’t hesitate in contacting me; divira343@gmail.com    


It was indeed a period of time, which had been strongly embossed with on-going spiritual events because beside the revelation, Hubertus also received instruction and messages to undertake particular magic rituals. Which role the “Sisters of the Eternal Fires” have played with the “magic rituals” we will found out in the progress of my lines! 


Well, beside a sculpture figure called Baphomet, the Associate Knights of the mount Untersberg had brought even more valuable spiritual treasures from the distant Orient, whose effect one could understand as wizardry or witchcraft in the Middle Ages.  This treasure, however, is a higher spiritual knowledge in truth, which they had received only through the goddess Ishtar’s divine providence. As already mentioned, through use of certain parts of the old knowledge, they had succeeded in overcoming the human transience! This is the reason why the women present in the Untersberg Commandery possessed a high status, because without them it would not have been possible to gain this high state of awareness! 


But that, which was celebrated during the mystic, “magic rituals” by the small privy circle at the secret meetings was much more than only heresy.  If one doesn’t know the fundamental physical anatomy of the body it was witchcraft and wizardry indeed!! 


The life-changing experience with the Goddess “Ishtar, she who is” was the reason why Hubertus and his Knight-brothers had got insight into the origin of all the life with its varied constancy aspects. In this regard, and in order to avoid problems with the Roman church, in the entity of Our beloved Lady a deep worship was spent for the Great goddess! The worship they have disguised into words like: 

  • “Our beloved Lady is the foundation of our faith concept, and from her, according to God, the order for the end of our religion will come; because she was already in existence long before the earth and the mountains came into existence!”  


  • “She is the beginning and the end,  


  • She is the admired and the despised,  
  • She is the erotic lustful beauty and the warm-hearted mother in one, 


  • She is the woman and the virgin!”   


I am unequivocally the opinion these words describe clearly what duality is! These phrases however, are the aspects of the great goddess, the mother Ashtara, the Red Rose of Sharān (2 Heavenly bodies) in her earth aspect as the Goddess of the “White Lily”. 

All these is also said for for the Mistress of Atlantis, Ashtar-tara 


  • She is that who always was;  


  • she is; and  


  • she will always be — together with her half-brother and Twinsoul! 


Note: According to old texts a Heaven is not another word for sky but an 

         artificial Globe-like body in a constant orbit around a planet!   


Through the times people had given her different names due to the way they understood it in their specific language or dialect respectively, namely: Ishtar isai, Inanna, Lilith, Isis, Neith, Isais, Astarte ≈ Tanit, Ashera, Pallas Athena, Mary Magdalene but; also names like ꞌMistress of the Nightꞌ, ꞌNight workerꞌ or ꞌMoon Goddessꞌ! 


Now, the keyword finally appears, Moon, and soon we will define the word, so you understand, what the object called “Grail” actually means!  

Hubertus´ contemporary opponents called him “Raven Chieftain”. In my opinion, this had nothing to do with the symbolism of his personal coat of arms which shows two raven heads on a silvery shield. As you surely know, ravens are black, and he was the leader of ten Knight-brothers who were also named the “Guardians of the Black Stone”!  In truth, however, they were the protectors of the 11 Sisters aka daughters of the “Black Gold”.  The name “Raven Chieftain” probably comes from the mouth of those who didn’t grant him the continuous company of 11 beautiful women!  (A salute, again, goes to those who are able to realize and understand the mystery!!!)   


Since some of the enlightened heads of the Knights Templars and especially the associated Knights of the Templar were able to understand Arabic dialects or even the Persian language they, of course, had been aware of the true ambiguity of the syllabic structured spelling of the words “grl” and “Bath-qoul, as well as “Bath-kol“. Fact is they brought with from the Holy Land to Europe the knowledge regarding a very ancient Noble bloodline and their extraordinary blood of high quality!  In the days of the 13th Century this noble blood was called “San.gra.al” and in short Gra.al” or in English “Grail”, respectively!  

Because of the narrow mindedness of the authoritarian Roman church the word was later used to identify a certain sacred ꞌvesselꞌ only. And minnesingers had increasing spread out the story in all the European countries. Since this time many of most adventurous and most mysterious stories have been created around this object Grail! And most, indeed, have become always credited to the Knights Templar. The grail however, is indeed a real sacred vessel that should contain noble blood or a black stone respectively.   

 Illustration right:  

A Chalice from Sumerian’s time Mesopotamia  

Have a look and recognize!!!  

In order to understand the meaning of the phrases “lapis excoelsis”, “lapis exillis or “lapis elixirs”, the alchemists of this time tortured their brains but in vain because they couldn’t figure it out.    


The alchemists among the Associate Templar however, understood the symbolism because they knew that all three variations could be applicable; it is dependent on the point of view of each individual. For my contemplation however, neither the stone of the heaven in the height nor the stone of the wise is significant, but the liquefied stone, the lapis elixirs, most certainly is!   


If my memory of this time doesn’t deceive me, Hubertus and his Knight-brothers were fully aware of the meaning of the Semitic/Arabic expression for liquid out of stone, “Bath-qoul“! The blackish violet Bath-quol, however, has nothing to do with the stone coal or as it is called so often, a “black semi-precious stone” respectively,! 


Rather, Bath-quol is a metaphoric name for the nectar of supreme excellence, which the “Daughter of the Voice of the Black Gold” produces in her matrix. The purpose of the mystic “magic act” was the ritually extraction of a liquid substance that was then prepared by a laboratory process with the help of the Baphomet-radiation to an assimilable beverage.  

In Akkadian/Babylonian time, one called this prepared liquid the “Life Spending Fire” of the Great Goddess. Therefore, one named the women who were involved on these rituals “Sisters of the Eternal Fire” respectively Sās.tri-upama or “Scarlet women. Thus, I can state the Knights knew exactly what they were doing! 

The words “rite”, “ritual” and “ritually” originated from the Sanskrit word “ri.ta” meaning “red-(gold)”. Instead of red-(gold) one often find the term “Black-gold,” but both words mean one and the same. In the fire symbolism of alchemists among the Knight Templars, the colour red is synonymous with the metal gold, while in the Indian Tantra philosophy red or black respectively is the colour of the goddess of time, seasons, periods and cycles! I am sure for myself, for the Knight Templars alchemists the metal gold was neither a common nor a metaphysical metal, but a living essences of physical nature! 

Thus if the word “Black-gold” is used in connection with the Moon-cycles you quickly realize, black-gold is a metaphor for a woman’s lunar essence, which appears at the beginning lumpy and rather dark. In a dried-up condition, this can be confused with a black stone, indeed! The myth of a “dark-violet stone”, (Latin = Lapis violaceus), or “true black stone” (Latin = Lapis Verum Niger) has originated from that slogans here. The essence that insulates from the “black-gold” or “dark-violet stone” as well is the fluid intelligence, the quintessence for “eternal youth” or “longevity” respectively!  


For these virgin-like Scarlet (Fire) women who carried out this ritual it was said:  


“They are the direct royal ‘Source’ of the Eternal Fire of Atlantis’”! 


The ritual action culminated in an erotic trance-like ecstasy orgasm lifted up in a higher frequency sphere. This is a transfer in the condition of an extremely strong elation with very agreeable feelings, which is far beyond the normal sexual consciousness! 

Beside the sweet sexual bliss that generates such a ritual, of course, this extremely high vibration however, primarily served the increase of the productivity of the brain’s pineal gland. During this state of extremely high vibration, the pineal gland is stimulated to producing a particular substance, which is a most valuable endocrinal secretion called the “Hormone of the dark”. The endocrine pineal gland secretes this particular hormone directly into the blood. Then during the ritually act with the direct influence of the intelligent electromagnetic Baphomet waves, this biochemical messenger material gets an enormous specific efficiency. With a certain dosage the cell decay is accordingly slowed so that the human aging process is considerably slowed.  


“The fabulous substance therefore is the nectar of supreme excellence and active longevity!”  


And this is the reason why the brain’s pineal gland in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life.  In my opinion, the Pineal gland is the point at which the mind, the body, and the soul are conjoined.   

The pineal is a very small gland, shaped like a pine-cone or an almond. The size is of a grain of corn; it is about a quarter inch long and weighs 1/30 oz.  It is embedded in a ventricle (cavity), centrally situated within the two main brain-halves not forming a part of the brain-mass as such; the pineal has no counterpart. Thus, this little gland that is also called “Third Eye”, in particular was directly associated with the magic ritual.  With this particular erotic ritual and by the influence of the radioactive Figura Baphomet, the gland’s function was stimulated to maximum performances with the side effect that direct spiritual energy was set free and transformed to magic mental forces!  

In the olden days, by the Sumerians and later the Indians, Akkadians/ Babylonians, the energetically enriched magic force of the female’s liquid intelligence was known as “Suma” ≈ “Soma” ≈ “Sama and, by the Greeks as “Ambrosia, the Nectar of the Immortality”!   

In those days, the cornucopia for this beverage had the metaphoric form of a chalice. The chalice, however, has always been a wholly female symbol that contained divine noble blood, which was revered as life-giving fire!  

Look by yourself and recognize! Whoever recognized the symbolic metaphor also found the key to the way of mental realization to become a fully enlightened entity who is also known as a tSi.dhae (Cidhe)! 


In this sense:  Hare star (moon) [Symbol] 27 day-cycle [Symbol] Moon goddess [Symbol] chalice/Grail [Symbol] gloomily violet blood [Symbol] glandular secretion [Symbol] Suma-beverage — “longevity as well as eternal youth.”  So simple is it!


In memory of my past life-time experience, for me it would be an appealing idea to re-establish on the Archipelago of Malta the rightful and the spiritual legitimate succession community of the 22 (11 women and 11 men) under the leadership of White knight Hubertus with a working Magna Baphomet Figura! 


Thus my call to all who feel the ultimate connection with the goddess Ashtar-tara she who is (Ishtar isai)…  

If this call is in resonance with one of you, don’t hesitate to contact me!!!  


Mail to: divira343@gmail.com