About Us

About Us


  • We are a Foundation, that was established for the exploration of our prehistory on December 8th 2002;
  • The Headquarters of Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation is Bugibba – Malta.
  • The Foundation is registered (Reg.No. 111) in Malta as a Non-Profit-Organisation and is governed for all intents and purposes by the Laws of Malta.
  • Our aims are essentially to explore and protect the Atlantis inheritance in Malta in any way we can;
  • The Foundation serves the support of science and research in the section of Prehistory, and its objectives, factual realizations, and publications.
  • Through its activity the Foundation wants to contribute to the basic understanding of the true Maltese prehistory, that sharpen the consciousness of the public, and to show solutions as well …
  • The ordinary members of the Foundation are private persons with different professional qualifications. Amongst our members are Linguists, Mountain rescue experts, Divers, Medical doctors, Physicists, Private scholars for Prehistory and so on.
  • One of our members made a unique discovery of great significance in Maltese territorial waters in July 1999.

Board members


Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.D.

Privatiere & Research exekutive


Carmen Houlton

Teacher ret. & Reiki III – Maltese




Nicole Kaiser

IT Expertin – Germany

Nathalie Ferluni

Schwester der Rose – France

Martina Eckelhoff

– Germany

Brigitte Untermährer

Hypnose-Therapeutin & Yoga Lehrerin – Swizerland

Caroline & Mike Schoch

Medizinisch Technische Beraterin/ Berater – Swizerland

Gerd Lohrer

Gründungsmitglied, Experte für Bio-Landschafts-Rekultivierung, Kartograph und Modellbau – Gozo / Malta