The aims – What does the Foundation want?

The Foundation serves the support of science and research in the section
of Prehistory, and its objective and factual realization and publication.
Through its activity it wants to contribute to the basic understanding of
the true Maltese prehistory, that sharpen the consciousness of the public,
and to show solutions as well …

Samples of the Foundations` aims 

  1. Underwater Research according to still undiscovered structures, 
  • Capital Dekapolis – the 10 cities of Atlantis,
  • Megalithic stone-circles; 
  1. To conduct research into the origins of Malta as the Central Powerhouse of that felt down ancient the globe encompassing high culture (Atlantis), and the roots of the Maltese;
  1. The Antediluvian language and script in Malta and its surroundings as a language of the Maltese – a heritage from Atlantean – the Atlas Empire times as a proto-Sanskrit dialect;
  1. The underground artificial network of helical shaped tunnel canals for water preparation and its embedding in the laws of nature including lots cluster of Communicating tubes, Artesian wells (water tanks) and the tube-good shafts piercing to the surface, the so-called basin or bowl of sacrifice;
  1. Purpose and intention of the numerous Megalithic stone-circle temple structures, a surrounding ring on Malta … as ONE Form-system;
  1. Meticulous examination of that from the President of FPRM discovered underwater temple stone circle complex of Ĝebel Ĝol-Bahar;
  1. Organise information nights and workshops.