An Obituary

An Obituary

Introductory remark:

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An obituary

The language of the signs on this stone tablet is a most ancient Sanskrit dialect, a proto-Aryan but not Vedic. Following the method of German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, I was able to decipher and translate these strange signs that point directly to the origins of Atlantis and its end as well!
If you carefully read the very ancient text you are reminded an incident that had happened in the end of the year 2004.

For better understanding we have normalized the spelling of the text. In the original the signs have to be read from the right towards the left.


VII  104 


On top Head line pictogram: An eight rayed star behind a circle 


ash.ta.ra nau The Globe like star ship by the number of Eight.                         

The Eight – the Star-like satellite of our solar system! 


  1. rā, rā pa  
  2. Send the spaceships, from the protecting one, send them from 

        the circling one, oh Sublime princess from the eight (planet satellite) 


  1. rā 30 sa.ra.Yoni a.kara.ta girdling globe stupa upama 
  2. send them (the space ships), oh creator against the godlike man  

       among the thirties, whose actions are globe girdling to the   



  1. 6 dots    ku    karakar     ai    as.ra    ra ra 
  2. The ensemble of fat sheeps six-ones were to bring as tribut, oh   

       blood given, given! (6 fat sheep = a period of 6 years but shars) 


  1. na.ara ā    su.ta  ha.ara.i.ta  su.ta    
  2. Hero of the armed forces, noble son fire-proof, not sleeping son …


  1. ā pi asu u śa.ta  na asu  30;      

       upama upama 

  1. from the abode of life, you have been involved hundredfold in  

       in procreating engenders of life; the Thirties, and the god like man   

       ( among them included.  The high one, the second of 

       the High (Thrinity) …  


  1. aś.as na.ra  sha.ra   mi.ak  ca i.ra.kar;  30 ta-pi n       

  1. might punish man through nose-cuttings; the circling one the not 

       resting wind maker. The god like man among the Thirties,  

       whose incite evil however, might be punished by their own breath …  


  1. ca.tu.ra 4 dots;  su.din.ya su    su.tra 

  1. so that they reduce themselves provoked by the hovering Star 

        Base the rapid Whirlwind.  

        This day (action) then shall be a nice day with strong swell of  

        sunshine. This (event) shall also cause series of conversations. 


  1. ra.tha ma.ha na,tha  nau  na.ra.u  ka     pi.aś  pi.ś pi.śa 

  1. The Flying saucers of the big chief shall deriding the armoured 

        ships of the god like man among the Thirties; this will be a 

        strong shining event what then is to be seen at the sky brilliant…   

        more than brilliant! 


  1. ra.tha ra.tha       pa    pa  kara  pra.sha.ra  stha     
  2. Flying saucer, flying saucer protector. Protectors work, a work 

        that shall be  done by the circling twin one.  


  1. rā upama   nau.kar      ma.hā  ma.kara      sha.ra        as.a  ta  aś.na pa.aś  na ka  ś        

  1. Send, oh highest one, send the restless flight-commander who shall 

        set free the big sea-monster (Tsunami) with his circling space craft   

        which is causing tears. This however, is still invisible for him the  

        out-looking man upon the mount who had announced. 


  1.   pa.ya 30  sha.ra  ura  nau.kar   sa as.u  ka as 

  1. The bundled (laser-) rays of the god like man among the 

       Thirties widely fail the circling skipper instead, their Nuclear arms are  

       boiling the life on earth, which was created by the mother. (With this  

       the God-like have caused a big disaster that was not happen before). 


  1. ir.ya pi.pi  ś;    

        sa su.ta     ya     ta      kar-…    cakra      asu     u. 

  1. In order to survive one is being urged to drink a piece of life. The 

        noble son however, is the man in the advancing circling wheel of life  

        who is apprehending (what shall happen). 


  1. Pseude Ogham – 6 periodes (6 years but shars)


  1. ru.dhi.a tā.ra  ni  i.da  nā.min   aś.as  i.ta 
  2. Having regard to the star and the destiny in which  the cursed bodies 

        are named, these bodies have to be removed. 


  1. ra.yi pi  ka.śu   ni   na.i.ara nau ni.pi.śa     
  2. A wealth of insights into human mind was already written down and 

        filed by the responsible at the Base ship; otherwise lolling, lisping,  

        and unclear talking creatures a degenerated mankind. 


  1.   cakra na.aś   na  pi.śa  upama   

  1. From the community of the Living ones of this particular era you will 

         vanish, you the Herald man of script, and highest one of the  

         Abode of magic’s (the Head quarter of Atlantis). 

         Herald = Mercury also known as Da.u.dha Asu.ara tSi.dha, aka Son  

         of man – but more accurat is Filius prolis matris viventium – Son  

         of the living  mother!  


  1. ta.ka dha.u.da  da  vi  yoni  ma     
  2. Rushing Herald, you were given live without a female’s womb. 

         Me, and therefore I am interconnected with you me, YOU have also  

         created in this way (the scribe of this tablet) 


In Cartouche:  vi.upama asu  sa  su.ta  pi.śa vi.tta 


                      The living highest females` noble son, who is the famous  

                      scribe for the Noble Mistress of her genus the Earthborn  

                      thirties (Humanity). She is the Queen of Atlantis …   


Ash.tar ta.ra 


Location:  Burrows-Cave, southern Illinois USA 


Stone type: Montmonilonits – not shape able clay stone with portions of Calcite (CaCo3), Quartz and Glimmers. The layer silicate has crystallized very well. The signs itself on the slab are weathered exactly like the rock.  


»It is undoubtedly an original engraved stone!!« 


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