Anunaki Power

Anunaki Power


The following significant message had been already writte at the night sky above the city of Hemmingen near Hannover, Germany in 1996. It had been Extraterrestrial’s (again, the ‘one of the White side of Power out of the group of the Anunaki’, who wrote a similar text with their flying saucer at the night sky above the city of Braunschweig, Germany in December 2012

Undoubtedly, the content of the text was a warning to humanity in general. It seems however; mankind hasn’t understood the two warnings as such and ignored it completely because the world-wide escalating population of man is still unbroken with the consequence that the habitat of general Life on earth (such as Animals, Plants and especially trees as CO2 Killer) is disturbed. Even in 2019 this is still on-going and strongly damaging to the earth’s Eco-system and I think, it won’t be further accepted by the extra-terrestrial Protectors of Earth!

The text is to be read from right left. For better understanding, I have normalized it to read from left to right.

dhi-sa-as      vi-sva-dha

The victory shall be totally! 

   as  pad-as      asu-pa      tsa 

 Therefore respect, protects the life; 

  path          vi da             asu

this is the way of wisdom. Because this life, which was 

sha.ra-as   ra-as       asu

gifted by us, the people from the Circling one, is wonderful. This our 

vi          asu-as           dhi

(extra-terrestrial) Life illuminates the alive earth brightly! 

Remember the disastrous Banda Aceh Tsunami on 25th December 2004. With this action, addressed to the political leaders, the extra-terrestrial people from the White side of power had undoubtedly demonstrated their superiority!


The climate change is a naturally running process in the geology of the earth therefore it is not the primary problem. The primary problem is  the still ongoing increase of mankind’s population on earth.  If this is not stopped the extra-terrestrial protectors of the White side of Power out of the group of the Anunaki  shall solve it!

Source of picture: Magazine 2000UFO special, pg. 167

City of Marktoberdorf, 

 Bavaria State Germany.

Worked out by: Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr.

Maltadiscovery Prehistoric Research Foundation

Poseidon’s Geheimwissenschaftliches Collegium  

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