Atlantis Script

Atlantis Script

Script signs, year thousands old !! Keeping they a Sensation?

If, besides the archaeological understanding, one gets lucky to recognize the Etyma of preceded concepts, phrases and words, then all that is unclear becomes much more clear. 2007’ 


We are in the happy situation to be able to take away from an experience treasure written down millennia ago. The takes from this source, is like the pleasure of noble Beer, that leads to a higher, un-dangerous, level of consciousness. Without Kurt Schildmannsgreat achievement, the deciphering of the Indus valley texts our own research after the prehistoric, high-civilized world culture with its center Malta would have taken in the same dead end, in which already numerous researcher landed before. 


»I understand the enigmatic words in the stone carvings from the days before the Deluge!!«    

Pictoral-bilingual Tiger vi.a.kara mi.ish Tiger flabby – increased (Viaghra=Tiger) Deciphered by Kurt Schildmann† Bad Godesberg Germany 1994

The forgotten script – for decades competent scholars had tried to decipher the so-called Indus valley texts on the basis of the old Dravedic, a southern India dialect… – in vain. 


Whoever is interested in old civilizations should now carefully listen, because thanks to the great achievement of the now sadly passed away 96 years old  native German linguist Kurt Godesberg, Germany we are also able to read and especially understand the mythical words and signs engraved on stone slabs.  

In August 1994, Kurt Schildmann revealed the Indus valley’s biggest secret and Schildmann from Bonn/Bad presented  his great achievement to the world.  

The rightness of the deciphering is confirmed by 100 pictoral – bilinguals. That are 100 animal pictures with according texts contain the name of the animals.  



Using corresponding animal names from the Holy Sanskrit language, the names of the Indus-Valley were also readable like the taken Sanskrit names, in the Syllabaric Indus Valley letters. 

On this base in the next step, the phonetic, partly systematically structured Syllabaric system of letters could almost easily be put together.  


However, not only the animal names were in Sanskrit. The whole text was also Sanskrit in both single case and in general. It is an archaic Sanskrit, which is not primitive at all. It is a script mostly with letters for open syllables, in addition also letters that merges two syllables or consonants. In between there are always striking pictograms, used as determinatives. 

This script is not primitive at all! 

The language is of a pure archaic Sanskrit, a proto Aryan. All later highly developed civilizations like Sumerians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Indians. Maya and Indo Europeans that used the Sanskrit as an element of their language, have its roots there. 

Pictoral-bilingual Mixture beast Ši.dha ãt mi.kus.ish: gotha.ra repulsing and mixed: impossible alu.bha: ši.ra (Animal-kind: undesired heads. Deciphered by Kurt Schildmann Bad Godesberg Germany 994

The deciphering of the texts from the Burrows Cave in Illinois USA, and Glozel near Vichy in southern France in 1997 and later on the Sutatausa texts from Columbia South America, and last but not least the engraved witnesses in stone from the Maltese Islands, supply an overwhelming amount of information, which outshine all other readable documents up to now. 


In front of our eyes we can see now the fantastic picture of a pure Sanskrit speaking, ancient world nation. 

These, our own civilization, technically and culturally far superior high culture, we could identify as the legendary Atlan.tris. 

If you have any question or need further information regarding the mentioned Stone tablets, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr. 

Bugibba – Malta and Augsburg – Bavaria state Germany