Goals Of Society

What does society want?

Our goal is to meticulously explore the Atlantis legacy of the Malta archipelago and protect this prehistoric heritage, in whatever way we can.

Sound prehistoric research and conscientious communication with the general public is unthinkable without the support, donations and help from business and individuals.

Objectives – Educating the true history of Malta

Identifying world-wide prehistoric links with Malta to bring the world’s special attention to Malta;
The search for the origin of Malta, as the leading and spiritual center of that sunken, world-spanning high culture;
The study of pre-Floodish writing and language, a legacy of the Atlanteans of the Atlas Empire, a Proto-Sanskrit dialect;
Exploring the largest energy impact zone in Europe, with the geographic center – Malta.
The exploration of the prehistoric, underground, following the laws of nature, artificial water treatment system. An underground network of tunnel-like, tortuous canals and water-tank clusters oriented to the main magnetic axes, a system of overpressure vessels – Communicating tubes, also known as Artesiche Fountains;
The exploration of the original purpose of use of the 36 stone circle complexes of Malta (Temple?) As a single mold system;
Research underwater for previously undiscovered structures, stone circles and in particular for the capital of Atlantis, the X. city – Dekapolis;
Meticulous investigation of the underwater temple complex Ĝebel Ĝol-Bahar discovered by President Hubert Zeitlmair;
The organization of information events, lectures and workshops
Promote and politically defend the prehistoric heritage of Malta.
Only with joint help is it possible to base the extraordinary and unique research work of the society on the search of our roots.

Since 2003, the Society for Prehistory Research has been active in the public sphere to promote its goals for support.

The company is registered with the tax office Malta under the tax number 670200933 as a non-profit.

Donations are tax deductible!

The Research Society

Maltadiscovery History Research Malta eV, was founded by honorable Maltese and German ladies and gentlemen. They have a vested interest in finding out about our prehistory and its heritage, which are our cultural pillars. They answer the question: Where are our roots to be found? For the history of humanity is a genetic part of all human beings.

The company was founded on the 8th of December 2002 with the purpose of the serious research of our pre- and early history.
The company is registered in Malta under number 111 as a non-profit organization.
The aim is to meticulously research Atlantis remains in the archipelago of Malta and to protect this prehistoric heritage, in whatever way we can afford.
The ordinary members of the company are private persons with different professional qualifications. Among our members are physicians, physicists, private scholars for pre- and early history, high-frequency engineers, etc.

Dear Members’




Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.

Founding Member, Private & Research Executive





Carmen Houlton

Teacher i.R. & Reiki III Master








Nicole Kaiser

IT expert – Germany


Tracey Smith

Website Design-(English Version) – Malta


Nathalie Ferluni

Sister of the rose – France


Martina Eckelhoff

– Germany


Brigitte Unternährer

Hypnosis Therapist & Yoga Teacher – Switzerland


Caroline & Mike Schoch

Medical Technical Consultant / Consultant – Switzerland


Gerd Lohrer

Founding member, expert in organic landscape reclamation, cartographer and model making – Gozo / Malta




We are actively seeking people who help us to effectively explore the importance of the pre-historic Malta = at.la.ams and traditional Maltese culture.



If you would like to become a member of the company, fill out our application form and send it along with the annual contribution to us.
If you would like to become a more active volunteer, contact us and we can talk about activities that you might be interested in.
Maybe you can think of something to support us. We appreciate every support!
All members are informed about our activities and how the work of the society progresses

Call for Donations

Why do I ask for a donation?

Well, I had a dream … a vision, if you will! This vision acts like a feather that has been driving me for many years to explore the Atlantis heritage in the archipelago of Malta in the center of the Mediterranean!

One of my challenges in this regard is to find the Temple of Inauguration. This is the sacred place where the two guides of Atlantis, Asu.ara tSi.dha and Ashtar-tara, respectively man and woman, once came together to merge into a single entity, i. to be perfect.

This inseparable pair of ancient times is better known as the god Poseidon, Thoth, Osiris, Mercury, Thor, Baal.dur, etc., or as the goddess Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, Tanit, Ashera, Anat, Venus and Magdalene etc.

This temple, however, can be found somewhere in the waters around the archipelago of Malta!

In order to be able to follow the path of my mission with my team, we urgently need a 17-meter-long, technically advanced yacht, with which we can meticulously examine the seabed and successfully complete our research project.

Furthermore, based on the results of my Atlantis research, I and the members of Maltadiscovery Research are offering seminars and courses in Malta. With these, each seeking participant gets an insight into the spiritual world of the people of Atlantis and thus learns some explanation about the symbols used by those. This gives the seeker a new and better perspective for his future life.

At the end of the course the participant is aware of the mystery of death and life and has learned how to overcome human transience!


To complete these courses, the Mystery School of Poseidon needs a suitable building, which must be funded!


Perhaps your mission on earth is to be my Missions Twin Sister, or mine mission twin brother, to join me in discovering the Atlantis heritage and Temple of Inauguration!


Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation No. 111 is a Malta registered “Nonprofit Organization”. Your donation is therefore deductible in your tax return!


Thank you for your interest and would be glad to hear from you!


Best regards,



This will be the journey of your life…literally!

Hello, it’s Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair and I would first like to thank you for finding me and welcome. I would love you to join me for one of my seminars sometime. I promise you will really come away with a new attitude, a new way of seeing life as well as a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to read the Atlantis Records on my website and all the information / booking details on my seminars, here in Malta. If you need anymore details or like to discuss anything you read on my website , don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you