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Il-Mument: Tangible Scientific Proof Needed

14 November 1999

It would normally be expected that revelations similar to those claimed by Hubert Zeitlmair would be substantiated by tangible scientific evidence as to the underwater structures he interprets as a megalithic temple. Ruben Grima wrote that in his opinion no proof was provided by Zeitlmair to substantiate his hypothesis. He also stated that, in his opinion, after the whole case has been portrayed relatively exaggerated by the media. According to information now received from the il-Mument, the museum department is researching the reports concerning this location located east of Malta. However, signs of bad weather this week have hampered the investigations. Research by Il-Mument shows that the Museum Department is rather negative about the initial efforts to engage in this report. It is still not clear whether the museum’s department will carry out any further inspections at the site of the Underwater Temple, or whether Zeitlmair will come up with any other kind of evidence for this structure and its theories.

The discovery of Zeitlmair was unveiled by il-Mument two weeks ago, and a film of the Underwater Temple was featured on Net TV. At the same time, various photos were published in the newspaper In-Nazzjon. Furthermore, information and photos can also be found on the Internet. This underwater site was found at 10 am on 13 July 1999 and made public during a meeting of the Interessengemeinschaft für Phenomena und Grenzwissenschaften in Augsburg, Germany.

This week Il-Mument has again interviewed the German Hubert Zeitlmair, who is still waiting for an appointment with the director of the museum. However, he has since met with Minister Louis Galea, where he presented information and details regarding the location of the temple along with his comments and thoughts. Zeitlmair is convinced that the structures are a “megalithic temple” and he remains convinced. He says that he was inspired by the works and writings of Zacheria Sitchin, and that he received valuable information from Joseph s: Ellul, an academician of Zurrieq archeology, during his research.

Joseph S. Ellul says that for 15 years he had known about the possible existence of an underwater structure when talking to a diver who dived in the area. Besides these, Ellul has an old areal photo in which he claims that the structure can be seen. Hubert Zeitlmair also points out that the find in the circles of foreign archaeologists was of interest and positive reactions, and he is fully aware of the position taken by the museum department. The find has also sparked the interest of the local group of archaeologists, as has happened in similar cases, who are trying to interpret what they saw in the video and photos.

The archaeological academics told Il-Mument that what they saw could not confirm whether or not there was a “temple” and that the whole affair merited further serious investigation. On the other hand, divers interviewed by our newspaper said that the movie they saw showed nothing extraordinary than that they have seen similar things in other parts of Malta.



Il Mument: Unique discovery in the Maltese waters

31 October 1999

UNIQUE DISCOVERY IN THE MALTESE WATERS. Discovery of structures similar to the megalithic temples by Dione Borg. Recently, structures resembling megalithic temples have been discovered on the seabed in Maltese waters. Current studies will show if it really is a unique megalithic temple. Based on his studies, a foreign archaeologist claims that this discovery was of great archaeological importance, and aroused great interest among foreign archaeologists. According to the information that il-Mument has, this discovery was already on 18 August 1999 during a meeting of the Interest Group for Phenomena and Border Sciences in Augsburg, Bavaria Germany by Professor and Archaeologist Hon. Hubert Zeitlmair, has been reported.

In fact, the structure was discovered and photographed on July 13, 1999 at 10 o’clock in the morning. The diver / cameraman who filmed the structure was Slnaun Arrigo, while the photographer who took the photos was his brother Kurt.

il-Mument interviewed Professor Zeitlmair, who explained that this structure is two stone circles. They stand on a kind of platform. Partially the stone blocks are long and rectangular, overturned and broken. The structure was found at approximately 8 to 19 meters depth, 2 km off the east coast of Malta.

Prof. Zeitlmair also said that these structures are full of vegetation, which can clearly be seen in the photos and in the video.
The temple is very similar to the temples of the period of Hagar Qim.

In the zone where the underwater structures have been found, there also appears to be some form of furrow cart ruts similar to those found on the island.

The discovery of this structure will have various archaeological interpretations, and the first effects are that it compares with the temples of Hagar Qim, Ggantija, Mnajdra, and the Hypogeum, which dates back to around 3500 BC. be backdated.

This archaeological discovery has also led to the discussion among the archaeologists regarding the period in which they were built. Prof. Zeitlmair states that these structures were built much earlier than is assumed for the megalithic temples in Malta. This claim raises a lot of questions that he tries to answer;
Who built these structures, when were they built, and for what purpose?

The inspiration of the archaeologist Zeitlmair comes from Zecharia Sitchin’s book series; The Earth Chronicle, which speaks of the origins of ancient civilizations.

Inspired by these books, and endowed with the fundamental knowledge of how and where the prehistoric temples in Malta and Goze were built, Zeitlmair came to the likelihood that even more temples and prehistoric structures could not yet have been discovered or excavated.
It seems that the thesis of the German archaeologist was also based on the possibility that structures could also be found in the Maltese territorial waters.


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