A Shift in The Geo-Poles, Changes on Earth & Climate.

If there is a shift in the geo-poles it will be changes on Earth and a huge Climate change through!

In addition to the extensive records from the temple library of Nippur, the library of King Assur.Pani.pali in Nineveh contains some extremely valuable information regarding recurring events. In the 7th century BC, he left the following inscription on a stela for posterity…

‘I understand the mysterious words

carved in stone

from the days before the flood!’

Just like me today, the Assyrian king was a typical intellectual of his time. His thirst for knowledge consisted in studying the great culture before the great flood and experiencing its wealth of knowledge. As a result, he completed his library with old prediluvian records of cosmic and earthly movements and cycles. From this bubbling source he then drew his immense knowledge!

The cosmology of the prehistoric people of the Mesopotamian area, left behind by King Assur.Pani.pali, contains encrypted astronomical and astro-physical information about our galaxy, about our solar system and of course about our earth but for us hardly to understand. Among others there are also reports about what happens if there is a geographic pole shift again after a tremendous earth-, or seaquake; in my opinion, this will come to pass globally in the first third of the 21st century.

Fact is the migration of the earth’s crust and the continental plates sitting on it and the associated shift of the geographic poles is obviously a recurring phenomenon!

And exactly, this phenomenon is a harmonic calibration (synchronization) of the earth in her motion around the sun. The shifting of the geographical poles is directly related to the inevitable processes of ages or cycles respectively.

This process of readjustment can be compared to a clock that is slowing down; “the clock has to be adjusted to the current time again!” After the calibration is complete, the time of a new cycle starts running from zero. That means:

“The earth has to realign itself at the beginning of a new cycle!”

“The end of a great cycle” is thus accompanied by a period of heavy cataclysmic events that re-adjust the torque of the earth to that of the solar system and consequently to the cosmic material equilibrium of our galaxy (universe)”.

Citation Edgar Cayce:

“As a result of a tremendous earthquake or seaquake, there will be an abrupt shift in the position of the geographic poles, and geological faults in the earth’s crust at certain critical points, which will lead to global climatic disturbances. The dramatic change in the world’s climate will have serious effects on human living conditions all over the world. Due to the geographic shift of the North Pole back towards Hudson Bay, the Arctic ice will melt and as a result, New York and parts of New England will be permanently covered with a layer of ice.

This tectonic cataclysm will not spare Europe either, because our continent will change radically in the span of a moment to the detriment of its inhabitants! “

The scenario just described comes from Edgar Cayce, who is also known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’. In the 1920s, in addition to the changes on earth, he also precisely described the cosmic movements (cycles) that had been going on for millions of years. He also mentioned the once fertile climate of North Africa and the entire Mediterranean basin. In this regard he also described the west-east flow direction of the Nile river in a conclusively manner, long before geophysicists finally confirmed this in the 1980s using satellite photos and climatological studies using ground radar technology.


In order to be able to accept this mentioned above, I will tell you a little about the nature of our planet!

The earth definitely does not have a solid core, which is supposed to be made of heavy matter like iron. It is therefore not a static planet that has only a limited amount of resources available. The earth has a hollow core that works like a suction, pressure pump. This pump, which is shaped like a heart upside-down is also working like this. At the South pole it constantly sucks in stellar particles, which are then radiated into new matter inside the earth’s core! This self-running turbine has been generating new matter and thus new life for an immensely long time, for 3.88 billion years!

This however, is only possible because our planet has a precisely calculated trajectory around the sun at a certain speed. The speed of rotation is synchronous with its speed of rotation around its own axis. Also significant is the constant angle of inclination of 23.5 degrees! These just described interactions leads to the balance of centrifugal and gravitational forces, which made our planet into this unique structure, namely:

“To a living regenerative organism!”

The impulse-controlled bio-power plant earth renews itself again and again from the inside out. So it constantly supplies itself with fresh elements which condense into juvenile matter (e.g. hydrogen, water, crude oil, gold, silver, copper etc.). The new matter then will be carried to the surface by volcanic activities! The planet is a restless, dynamic living being that is driven to ever new top performances by powerful interacting electro-magnetic forces. The earth follows the life plan of the divine omnipotent being…

“Everything arises from itself again”!

“For people with Western patterns of thought and values such who are supervised in their thinking who persistently deny the human physical impermanence (death), the cataclysmic behavior of this dynamic living being often has fatal effects!”

The now clearly perceptible scenario of the shift in the position of the geographic poles began around the late 1930s. The movement sequence of the earth’s crust with the large tectonic plates lying on it has increased significantly over the past 82 years. Since December 26th  2004, the earth’s crust has been moving with an even faster sequence. There is no doubt that there is a socialization between volcanic activity and earthquakes or seaquakes, which accelerates the tectonic upheaval of our planet rapidly. This scenario is quite noticeable worldwide! The resulting shift in the earth’s crust naturally has a considerable influence on how much or how little a certain region is favored by the life-giving sunlight. Due to the shifting of the crust and the inclination of the earth’s axis, the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays changes in the different latitudes of the earth, which of course has advantages and disadvantages. The power of the sun’s rays is the driving force for the energetic drive of the earthly climate and thus also of the weather. If the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays changes, we will see a profound climatic change in the affected regions! While large parts of Asia and Africa are systematically drying up, Siberia is thawing again and Greenland is once again what the name suggests because of the longer summer, namely … the “Green Land”!

When the ice of the glaciers and poles melts, it will form again in another place after the upheaval is over. That is as certain as the sequence of day and night, or of birth and death!

As we can see, both the increasing earth-, and seaquakes and their strength measured on the Richter scale, as well as the worldwide volcanic eruptions, passionately signal a steadily increasing activity in the “interior of the earth”.

The reason for the steadily increasing vibration in the earth’s interior is most likely a huge electromagnetic field system, which is moving from the south-east towards our solar system. This stellar nebula is called the ‘proton band’ or ‘proton cloud’, it is visible as a ‘golden, glowing spot’ in the southeastern firmament. This enormous electromagnetic field system is the power field that protects the star-like planet Nibiru. According to the stone tablet texts, the outbreak of brightness in this power field is 1000 times brighter than that of our sun!

Planet Nibiru is on the way back, because the vanguard of his huge field system has already reached the solar system and animated our star to be more active, which also has a considerable influence of the global earth climate. Because of this, the earth has to temporarily absorb a considerable amount of soft neutrino radiation, which will increase even further! The increase in the radiating frequency has an enormous impact on the global weather combined with a global rise in temperature on earth, which results in drastic changes in the climate in certain regions and of course also influences the human psyche!

Viewed from the observation point Germany, the earth’s mantle with the earth’s crust and the continents floating on it are shifting faster than normal further in a north-westerly direction. The final stabilizing phase will be as destructive as it was 12,960 years ago when the ‘fabulous’ civilization of Atlantis was removed from the face of the earth within minutes after an abrupt geological pole shift.

The changes currently taking place, in the orbit ≈ flight speed km / sec. of the earth around the sun is part of the on-going cosmic cycles. Normally, a geological pole shift is a completely natural process that is directly related to the cosmic material interaction of our galaxy. It is the inevitable sequence of the course of the ages (= cycles, worlds, suns, or eternity), associated with the circular rotation of our solar system around the center of the galaxy (central sun / black hole) and in accordance with its cosmically material state of equilibrium.

The cyclical torque of the climate change is unstoppable, it will inevitably happen! The coming earth event is not subject to human will or influence, nor to the intervention of any other party. Also, no deity punishes an overflowing humanity!

However, due to the continuing unchecked increase in their species (earth population), humans have a considerable influence on how strong weather conditions affect them, like floods and conflagrations!

Because, as in the middle and final phase of the ice age civilization of Atlantis, ‘elitist’ outlaws (in the Atlantis stone tablet texts they are called “false dogs”), led by renegade Atlanteans, ‘jinn ≈ Dschinn’ demons called, also play with natural forces whose destructive effect they either do not know or simply ignore. With their “nefarious acts” they are going to destruct the earth! They brought the whole earth into their stranglehold, which feels like a belt that is too tight. In their arrogance they have by means of misunderstood knowledge and use explosive technology, generated limitless economic growth,  which of course calls for sales markets and, as a result, the excessive growth of humanity all over the world. Due to their disrespectful, nature-damaging behavior, the constantly growing earth population is threatening the planet’s ecosystem. People deliberately destroy the habitat of animals and plants, especially forests, whose trees, as CO2 killers, make an essential contribution to the global climate!

But just like at the end of the last ice age, the “earth will be freed from this human plague and healed, so that not all living beings, on and in it, will perish!”

Here is the corresponding Atlantis stone tablet text in the proto-Sanskrit dialect that I could decipher and translate…

⇒Su.ta a.ma ara    

Noble son, splendidly shiny one…

⇐as  sha.ra.pa  hu upama a.si.ta yoni 30/33 

from the present orbiting celestial body. The high-ranking demons among the 30/33 people have grown strongly.

⇒Nau  sa.as  ha.na  a.s.vai.ta  ma sha.ra

By means of the rays of the circling air-ship punish, kill the unwhite the dark ones.

⇐Ra.vi  indu va.as 

It is the moon goddess (Ashtar-tara), the brightly shining will.

⇒vi.ra  yoni-da.as 

O hero, Lunas (Ashtar-taras) servant you are,

⇐Sa.ni  vi ala  su.ma.din     

well refreshingy and rascal like Saturn!

Finally, one more thing needs to be clearly emphasized:

“Before man destroys the earth, the earth will largely remove man from its face!”

Speaking of cycles

A healthy person breathes 18 times per minute that is 1,080 breaths per hour. That is 25,920 breaths in 24 hours. With every breath we are in sync with the phenomenal cycle of earth precession!

A healthy heart beats 72 times per minute in sleep mode and thus 4,320 times per hour. This is 25,920 times in 6 hours, 51,840 times in 12 hours and 103,680 times in 24 hours.

The breaths and the heartbeats are therefore directly related to the earth’s precession and the cosmic movement pattern of our solar system within a certain sector in our galaxy. This corresponds to a special relationship that leads to the absolute synchronization of motion sequences! The Homo Sapien sapiens so the human is totally related to our universe!

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr.

Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation

Secret Scientific College MALTA

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Apropos Zyklen 

Ein gesunder Mensch atmet 18 Mal pro Minute, das sind 1080 Atemzüge pro Stunde. In 24 Stunden sind das 25.920 Atemzüge. Mit jedem Atemzug sind wir synchron mit dem Phänomen-Zyklus der Erd-Präzession.

Ein gesundes Herz schlägt im Ruhemodus 72-mal pro Minute und somit 4320-mal pro Stunde. In 6 Stunden sind das 25.920–mal, in 12 Stunden sind das 51.840-mal und in 24 Stunden 103.680-mal.

Die Atemzüge und die Herzschläge stehen also in einem direkten Bezug zur Erd-Präzession und dem kosmischen Bewegungsmuster unseres Sonnensystems innerhalb unserer Galaxie. Die entspricht einem besonderen Verhältnis, welches zur absoluten Synchronisierung von Bewegungsabläufen führt!

The electromagnetic power from Atlantis times

Healing through the help of the Atlantis energy

Atlantis lives and is as real today as it was then; this power is still working today! The strong morphogenetic fields that prevail here on Malta still have the power of the body-forming cause. In this regard, even the energetic healing power is very strong and has been used by all civilized cultures for centuries!

During my Spiritual AlchemyHealingTherapy you will absorb and store the active Atlantean magnetic energy, which will result in an “increase in your energy potential”. You will use EnergyHealingTherapy to clear and remove all info-energetic imprints and negative programming in the cells of your body.

The influence of Atlantis energy is therefore an effective approach that can revolutionize the quality of your life and well-being!

Blissful people vibrate at a higher frequency; you can feel it

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Registration For Sponsoring Membership

I hereby apply for membership as a sponsoring member of Maltadiscovery Protohistory Research, Malta Register no. 111

Our Research Project

As previous results of our research we can show:
• The 1999 discovery by our President in Maltese territorial waters of a unique discovery of a »megalithic« stone circle complex similar to that on land.

• The exact location of the 27 (+9) megalithic stone circle 3-leaves of Malta enabled us to demonstrate a comprehensive lattice pattern and its orientation to magnetic north. It follows: »The stone circle complexes form» a «closed form system«.
In the seminars we carry out you will learn the meaning and purpose of these systems!

• In certain places, always in the immediate vicinity of a stone circle pair, we succeeded in the proof of a prehistoric, underground, following the laws of nature artificial canal system for water treatment and probable geomagnetic energy production in connection with the above-ground stone circles. The route of the sewer pipe is turned vertically and horizontally in itself and can be assumed in the totality of the shape of an elliptical ring. The cross section of the canal tube has the shape of a hyperbola with a height of 0.90 m and a base width of 0.55 m. The overall impression of the sewer pipe, like the stone circles, conveys a specific egg-shaped profile and a spiral twist, which would correspond to the “copy” of the natural flow of water in a torrent. The sewer system carries collected surface rainwater throughout the year.

• Also in certain places, in the immediate vicinity of a pair of stone circles, we came across so-called “Artesian wells” associated with the subterranean canal system, ie communicating tubes that are always connected to clusters of 16 wells. These fountain pens are, like the stone circles, laid out in the direction of magnetically north. You will also find out why there are 16 wells at one of our seminars!

• The reconstructed, scale reproduction of a stone circle complex in its most probable original appearance; 1:50.

Research goal …
• Our goal is the implementation of our previous results to the proof of “environmentally friendly energy production” by means of “electromagnetic forces”.

• This includes the meticulous determination of the entire route and the scrupulous investigation of this subterranean network of freshwater channels, in conjunction with the water tank clusters described above, the system of overpressure vessels.

• The aim is to prove that there is a closed channel ring at a depth of 30 meters. The scope of this huge channel ring system is to be determined and the flow movement with their Antriebsmechasnismen be made understandable.

• It is necessary to investigate whether this prehistoric technique works according to the implosion spiral principle with the medium of water.

• The implosion is the counterpart to the explosion and has a structurally decreasing and compacting effect.

This compression leads to a decrease in the frictional resistance and thus to a cooling of the water to its anomaly point; 4 degrees Celsius. The thermal energy is thus converted into higher forms of energy such as – motion or life energy.

It would be a delightful idea to apply the results of our research to modern energy production – “environmentally friendly and not burdening nature”

Our success would be an “energy history rediscovery” without equal in the world !!

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.

Goals Of Society

What does society want?

Our goal is to meticulously explore the Atlantis legacy of the Malta archipelago and protect this prehistoric heritage, in whatever way we can.

Sound prehistoric research and conscientious communication with the general public is unthinkable without the support, donations and help from business and individuals.

Objectives – Educating the true history of Malta

Identifying world-wide prehistoric links with Malta to bring the world’s special attention to Malta;
The search for the origin of Malta, as the leading and spiritual center of that sunken, world-spanning high culture;
The study of pre-Floodish writing and language, a legacy of the Atlanteans of the Atlas Empire, a Proto-Sanskrit dialect;
Exploring the largest energy impact zone in Europe, with the geographic center – Malta.
The exploration of the prehistoric, underground, following the laws of nature, artificial water treatment system. An underground network of tunnel-like, tortuous canals and water-tank clusters oriented to the main magnetic axes, a system of overpressure vessels – Communicating tubes, also known as Artesiche Fountains;
The exploration of the original purpose of use of the 36 stone circle complexes of Malta (Temple?) As a single mold system;
Research underwater for previously undiscovered structures, stone circles and in particular for the capital of Atlantis, the X. city – Dekapolis;
Meticulous investigation of the underwater temple complex Ĝebel Ĝol-Bahar discovered by President Hubert Zeitlmair;
The organization of information events, lectures and workshops
Promote and politically defend the prehistoric heritage of Malta.
Only with joint help is it possible to base the extraordinary and unique research work of the society on the search of our roots.

Since 2003, the Society for Prehistory Research has been active in the public sphere to promote its goals for support.

The company is registered with the tax office Malta under the tax number 670200933 as a non-profit.

Donations are tax deductible!

The Research Society

Maltadiscovery History Research Malta eV, was founded by honorable Maltese and German ladies and gentlemen. They have a vested interest in finding out about our prehistory and its heritage, which are our cultural pillars. They answer the question: Where are our roots to be found? For the history of humanity is a genetic part of all human beings.

The company was founded on the 8th of December 2002 with the purpose of the serious research of our pre- and early history.
The company is registered in Malta under number 111 as a non-profit organization.
The aim is to meticulously research Atlantis remains in the archipelago of Malta and to protect this prehistoric heritage, in whatever way we can afford.
The ordinary members of the company are private persons with different professional qualifications. Among our members are physicians, physicists, private scholars for pre- and early history, high-frequency engineers, etc.

Dear Members’




Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.

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We are actively seeking people who help us to effectively explore the importance of the pre-historic Malta = at.la.ams and traditional Maltese culture.



If you would like to become a member of the company, fill out our application form and send it along with the annual contribution to us.
If you would like to become a more active volunteer, contact us and we can talk about activities that you might be interested in.
Maybe you can think of something to support us. We appreciate every support!
All members are informed about our activities and how the work of the society progresses

Call for Donations

Why do I ask for a donation?

Well, I had a dream … a vision, if you will! This vision acts like a feather that has been driving me for many years to explore the Atlantis heritage in the archipelago of Malta in the center of the Mediterranean!

One of my challenges in this regard is to find the Temple of Inauguration. This is the sacred place where the two guides of Atlantis, Asu.ara tSi.dha and Ashtar-tara, respectively man and woman, once came together to merge into a single entity, i. to be perfect.

This inseparable pair of ancient times is better known as the god Poseidon, Thoth, Osiris, Mercury, Thor, Baal.dur, etc., or as the goddess Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, Tanit, Ashera, Anat, Venus and Magdalene etc.

This temple, however, can be found somewhere in the waters around the archipelago of Malta!

In order to be able to follow the path of my mission with my team, we urgently need a 17-meter-long, technically advanced yacht, with which we can meticulously examine the seabed and successfully complete our research project.

Furthermore, based on the results of my Atlantis research, I and the members of Maltadiscovery Research are offering seminars and courses in Malta. With these, each seeking participant gets an insight into the spiritual world of the people of Atlantis and thus learns some explanation about the symbols used by those. This gives the seeker a new and better perspective for his future life.

At the end of the course the participant is aware of the mystery of death and life and has learned how to overcome human transience!


To complete these courses, the Mystery School of Poseidon needs a suitable building, which must be funded!


Perhaps your mission on earth is to be my Missions Twin Sister, or mine mission twin brother, to join me in discovering the Atlantis heritage and Temple of Inauguration!


Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation No. 111 is a Malta registered “Nonprofit Organization”. Your donation is therefore deductible in your tax return!


Thank you for your interest and would be glad to hear from you!


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This will be the journey of your life…literally!

Hello, it’s Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair and I would first like to thank you for finding me and welcome. I would love you to join me for one of my seminars sometime. I promise you will really come away with a new attitude, a new way of seeing life as well as a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to read the Atlantis Records on my website and all the information / booking details on my seminars, here in Malta. If you need anymore details or like to discuss anything you read on my website , don’t hesitate to contact me.

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