Circum Dot

Circum Dot

The dot in the circle Circum dot 


Are the dot in the circle Circum point and the Da.i.sama sign an old symbol of the goddess?  


On pre Christian cult places like those of the Phoenicians, Celt etc., the dot within a circle is usually 3 dimensional shape represented by a mound of sediment with a circle opening in the midst. The artificial mound is bordered by means of a ring of stones. Thus a Cairn, this is the structures name today, therefore is a very important symbol! It is a metaphor for a golden or silver shiny body.   

 The dot in the circle before a cross inclined of 30° degrees means… the amalgamation of 2 dimensions  [Symbol] the mixture of divine and human Gene material.   

The point in the circle before one about 30° disposed sharps and a rose means… the consummate creation, as well as the highest creator’s domicile.  

The dot in the circle before a cross inclined of 30° degrees amalgamated with a rose means… either the consummate creation or the highest divine creator’s domicile! Do you have more questions?

Our present notion of God is still embossed from the masculine dogmatic understanding of the three religion concepts of the middle east! If however, we go back 4,400 years in the cultural development, we will recognize real quick… the original omnipotent God notion, wasfemale and often have been associated with the Ankh-Symbol! 



The primeval symbol that looks like an early Ankh, is depicted appears as a isosceles triangle with a horizontal arm on top that is terminated by two short upright lines like arms. In the middle of the horizontal arm there is depicted a disk or a spherical globe-like object. In the middle of the disc there is an opening or another smaller disc or globe. The symbol itself is a ligature sign or a pictogram respectively. Both is of the proto Sanskrit writing, and reads… that means 10. ava.tara ≈ “The tenth, last Heavenly ship or vessel”!   

On the stone relief excavated in Cartage/Tunis, there is recognizable a Cairn mound with a bow above the I think with this the Star-base at the increasing moon is meant. 

 With the old Akkadian and Babylonian people, the Star-base from the Nibiru was known as the planet of the… “Bearded virgins”!  

In all the old records is to read the “virgins of the Nibiru”, were responsible for all the life on earth, therefore the sign, the Ankh became the symbol of Life!!!