Donation 2019

Why do I ask for a donation? 

Well, I had a dream…a vision, if you will – and so for many years I have been researching the Atlantis inheritance on the Archipelago of Malta.  

One of my challenges is the quest to find the Temple of Inauguration. This is the place where the both leaders of Atlantis (Asu.ara tSi.dha and Ashtar-Tara – respectively Man and Woman) come together to be one unit.  

This couple is better known as God Poseidon, Thot, Osiris, Mercury, and so on. Respectively Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, Tanit, Ashera and Magdalene I.e.  


This temple however, is to be found somewhere in the waters around the Archipelago of Malta!  

In order to follow the path of my mission me and my team urgently require a modern technical equipped 50ft Yacht with which we would be able to launch our research project. 


Furthermore, on the basis of results stemming from my research into Atlantis, I and members of Maltadiscovery Research offer seminars and courses. We introduce seekers into the spiritual world and explain the symbolism used by the people of Atlantis.  

Our teaching gives one a new and better perspective on a further life.  

At the end of the lessons, people receive an understanding of the mystery of Death and Life and how to manage the human transience! 


In order to be able to undertake all this we need to have a suitable building that can serve as the Mystery School of Poseidon! 


Maybe your task here on earth is to be my Missions Gemini sister or brother, to discover together the Atlantis Inheritance and the Temple of Inauguration! 


The Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization registered by the number 111 in Malta and therefore your donation is deductible from your tax declaration! 


I thank you for your attention and would be glad to hear from you! 


With kindest regards, Hubert