Donation 2022

Donation 2022

The Tal-Qadi Temple Project:


    I am Hubert Zeitlmair, the President of Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation. I am professor for Prehistory and Atlantis research. Maltadiscovery is a private and non-profit organization that is registered by the number of 111 in Malta. 

It is an honor to state that the Foundation was authorized and appointed with the task to take-care the Temple of tal-Qadi. 

From results of my year-long studies I propose that to understand the meaning of the Maltese temples, all temple sites must be viewed collectively and not as individual structures! Only then do the temples begin to reveal their purpose, and the large number of these structures makes sense because they were so much more than just ‘temples’. 


Why was it necessary to have so many temples on this very small land space and what have been their true purposes? 


Well, the architects and builders had a keen interest in observing the annual motion of the sun und certain southeastern constellations; such as Orion, Canis Major, also known as ‘Great Dog’, with its alpha star Sirius till down to the Southern Cross. The so-called southeastern constellations with their alpha and beta stars form a virtual corridor but for what reason?

In order to keep continue following the said constellations in line with the Precession of the Earth, a new observatory/temple had to be built every 1,080 years because the point of observation on site had moved away 15 degrees.

  This, to my mind, answers the question ‘why there are so many temples both upon this tiny archipelago and in the sea around it.

  Since the structures of the complex are barely visible yet, the tal-Qadi temple ruin must be saved from further destruction as it is definitely a part of this great cosmic mystery, a World ‘Heritage Site’ that needs to be brought back to life!   

Earth energy and its connection to temples:

  As we all know, the megalithic temple culture is long gone but its many mysteries they persist. This unique people of the past ice-age, with their traditions, their way of life, and especially, with their cosmological knowledge and whose technical skills in all areas. And all their secrets are still kept alive yet by the visible immensity of the temple-structures.

  A mystery that fascinates temple visitors to this day is the energetically-radiation that is still felt on site. This Earth-radiation is greatly active particularly there because the structures were always built on a hot-spot where the three known electromagnetic grids come together. 

Emitting from the ground and from the encircling megaliths, the energy causes an overwhelming feeling of luck, meaning a divine-like sensation  that on most occasions can’t be put into rational words..

The Cleaning of tal-Qadi Temple:

   This Earth-energy radiation at the tal-Qadi Temple however, is blocked by wild vegetation and thousands of years of soil-sediments. 

The elimination of these interference fields means revitalization so that the energy to flow as it once did.

There is much work to be done to unravel the mystery of this temple and for this we need all the help we can get!

Because all work must be carried out by hand and with hand tools, as no heavy machinery can be used. Such work is therefore very cost-effective. Once the ruin is meticulously cleaned, the stone setting pattern will emerge and hopefully some answers to the many questions we have would also surface. As a result, in order to understand the pattern of the structure, the position of the stones must be carefully cataloged and studied. This is essential for finding missing stones and fine-tuning broken stones.


   The project was given the green lights but we have not enough funds to commence the work, If we would have enough money Maltadiscovery Research would wade into this venture with great passion to make a dream come true! 

Your donations are the sinew of this venture! Any contributed amount is greatly appreciated. Only with your help we are able to restore the Tal-Qadi Temple to its unique splendour!

All research results are published on our web page…   or

This way, every donor can find out about the progress of the work.

Please do all donations via PayPal (Subject: Temple construction). 

My profound gratitude for your interest and generosity!

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair