An exciting, documentary journey into the world of Atlantis, an uncharted territory of prehistory.

A well-documented film based on an advanced work on human history.

The so-called stone circles of Malta are tangible evidence of the tremendous knowledge of Maltese prehistoric scientists in the fields of mathematics, physics, geometry, chemistry, biology and astronomy. It must have been an experimental scientific motivation in the foreground, to preserve old traditions, or to create something new.

The biotechnologists of the high culture disappeared in the dark of time, with the egg-shaped stone circular structures and the underground, following the laws of nature, artificial helical channels, with the associated water tank clusters, a system of Artesian wells, life forces aroused, much to the physical and mental well-being of the humankind of the time.

Many, millennia-old stone tablets vividly describe cataclysmic planetary events that billennially gave our solar system its current configuration billions of years ago and shaped our own planet during this process. Even recognized astronomers of our time are now tending to do so because the accuracy of the narrative on the Atlantic stone tablets seems to confirm their calculations.

Does modern science only bring in old knowledge?

The film is an exciting journey into unexplored territory; a provocative appraisal of moving standards, a new professional look at a millennium-old question.

“Controversial and provocative, exciting and fascinating. “Gisela and Gehard Hoelter, March 2004

“A well-documented film based on the advanced work of Dagmar & Dr. h.c. Hubert Zeitlmair. “Detlef Menningmann, March 2004

“Elegantly produced, interesting and exceptionally worth seeing.” Joachim Wetzel July 2004

Dr. h.c. Hubert Zeitlmair and his wife Dagmar, authors of the book “The Pillars of Atlantis – Malta” and other writings,
have half of their lives studying the ancient civilization of Atlantis that spans the globe and its central center
MALTA, dedicated to their art, history and stone carving. You are one of the very few scholars who are capable
to read and understand the Atlantic Proto-Sanskrit. They are familiar with the Old Testament, Near Eastern and Mediterranean history and their archeology.
She and her works have been released internationally, and presented on radio and TV.

Approximate running time: 70 minutes

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