Mistress Ashtar-Tara

The sleeping Goddess 

Queen of Atlantis 

Left: Original relief in stone, found in a Maltese Megalithe-temple Right: reconstruction after the stone relief painted by Detlev Menningmann, Hamburg, Germany

Before I go into further detail, I have to explain, in order to avoid misunderstandings. There is a lot of talk about a Great-, or Mother Goddess that confuses a lot!  

For this Great goddess in the times she were given by each people a different name  how they understood it after their language or dialect! 

These different names are: Ishtar, Inanna, Hathor, Isis, iSidhe, Neith, Astarte ≈ Tanit, Asherah, Venus, Aphrodite, Athena Pallas, Idun, Sigrun, Our Lady and not least Mary Magdalene!! 

However, all these different names represent no one else than Mistress Ashtar-tara, Queen of Atlantis!!! 


In order to understand the whole story at first however, we must occupy ourselves with the person of Mistress Ashtar-tara! 


She is of Extra-terrestrial highly potent blood because she is of pure-bred Nibiruan stock! However, Ashtar-tara is a human being, whose body is not from this earth. This is the reason why she appears supernaturally, as a Goddess for us. 

And since she is of Extra-terrestrial origin, she is the transmitter of the power of our Nibiruan creators on Earth. In this position she also is the »Grail-bearer«, with the name of “White lily” or Moon goddess, which is synonymous with the Tree of Life! 

Before the final catastrophe of Atlantis Asu.ara tSi.dha her Twinsoul brother, preserved her body in a crystalized chamber, which is surrounded by transparent circling high powered electromagnetic waves, deep down at a mount 

In this sealed chamber a magic time capsule, she rests for a certain period of time; her breath of life however, is still unbroken and strong! She sleeps in a state of suspended animation that mean beyond the 8th Samādhi 

The sleep causes the increase of juice of life that mean, the body’s restoration. With this her noble moulded Venus body is preserved and, well strengthened for her come back … when ever this will be!    

But Ashtar-tara won’t be alone after her return, because also her former retinue, the »Sisters of the eternal fires«, must gather themselves beside her again at the centre!  

Worked out by: 

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr

Chosen friend of the goddess Ashtar-tara 

Maltadiscovery Prehistoric Research Foundation 

Poseidon’s Secret Science Collegium   

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