Mistress Of The Night

Mistress Of The Night

The Mistress of the Night a Jewel 

A poetical hymn in praise of the Moon goddess,

She is the daughter of the voice of the »«lack gold«, a virgin lady who has not been yet pregnant!   

Also here, the language of the signs on this tablet isof the proto-Sanskrit dialect. It is a proto-Aryan but not Vedic Sanskrit. Following the method of German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, I was able to decipher and translate these for me not strange signs! 

The slab depicts a naked, in scripted female torso; the head is unfortunately broken off.

sa.as.ni 301       Not sleeping one from the thirties1 (human race);

ā asu.as ra.as    oh alive-one of great radiance

ma.sā.ara;           Sapphire;

tam.indu.ha         Mistress of the nigh ≈ Night worker,

la.asu ut.tha        Magnificent grown up you are!


From the syllabus of my Mystery-School…    

With the here metaphorically depicted marked person called Mistress of the night the head, the Queen Ashtar-tara is meant. With this title, she has a direct reference to the moon and therefore she is the Moon goddess. The sidereal moon run with its twenty-seven days, plays an essential role with the calculation of the menstrual cycle of the woman!    

 The ‘Thirties’ are the most recent genetic manipulation with the gender Homo Sapien! This intervention into the genetic makeup DNA took place in the thirtieth Shar before the flood that is 108,000 years. If one dates time of the flood approximately 11.795 years ago this will come up to a total of 119,795 years ago. The thirties, are our direct predecessors!   

 According to the Sumerian records 1 shar is a prehistoric tool to measure time. So 1 shar correspond to 3600 earth years.    

 Get more info about in the document “The moon goddess” or during my Seminar/Course on Malta…. Have a look on Llnk “Pilgrim journey to the Islands of femininity”    

 Location of discovery: Burrows-Cave, southern Illinois USA 

 Stone type: Montmonoliths – It is a not malleable clay stone with portions of Calcite (CaCo3), Quartz and Glimmers crystals. The layer of silicate is very well crystallized as well.  

 The signs themselves on the slab are weathered and look exactly like the rest of the rock.  

 »This engraved slabs are undoubtedly original copies and no fake!!«