Mystery Cave Of Burrows

Original Atlantis Stone Tablets FROM

The History Of The Story: 


  In April 1982, a caver named Russell E. Burrows, Brig. Gen. ret. discovered an astounding cave in a remote valley in southern Illinois, USA. The cave’s walled-up entrance, and its passages, is buried in about nine feet of silt, but in his explorations Burrows has found quantities of objects that cannot belong here, according to conventional historians.  

This is no American Indian site – unless they lived in a vastly different and wider world than the isolationist paradigm allows. 


  In the course of his slithering through the silt, Brigadier General ret. Burrows has come upon thousands of engraved stone slabs, bearing non-American art styles and inscriptions in ancient Mediterranean and Asian scripts.  

  A similar coin-like engraved object by the same strange signs, from a well boring near Lawn Ridge, Marshall County, Illinois, USA, was reportedly found at a depth of about 114 feet below the surface. According to information supplied by the Illinois State Geological Survey, the deposits containing the coin are between 400.000 and 200.000 years old.  


According to the statement supplied by the German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, the first decipherer and translator of the tablets, the script signs on the stone tablets is a worldwide recognizable wisely constructed syllable script of which the basic signs are mostly for open syllables. In addition there are also signs that merge two syllables or consonants into ligatures. In between there are always meaningful pictograms, used as determinatives. This strictly organized ancient script is definitely not primitive at all and it suggests it’s origin from another world – indeed from another planet!    


The language of the signs on this stone tablet is a most archaic pure proto-Sanskrit dialect, a proto-Aryan but not Vedic.  


There is no question, since the first successful deciphering of these signs by the German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, this engraved artifacts that have been discovered in this cave, and around the planet like in Malta, in Glozel southern France, in Calabria-southern Italy, are certainly likely the most significant discovery of the past hundred-fifty years 

Following his method of the decipherer of this script, I am also could decipher and translate engraved texts on stone tablets dating back to 31,000 years and others from 4,200 years and 3,500 years ago respectively. Consequently, this is a quickly-recognized international treasure!! 


My serious research on it resulted in now:  


The engraved slabs themselves are fascinating to see, but the story of how I succeeded in deciphering and translating the texts, is an engrossing drama the telling of which both would excite and fill the reader with wonder, and will keep you up at night 


As I deciphered the stone tablet texts that have been randomly discovered in different parts of the world, I gradually realized that wherever these texts on stone tablets existed they not only paralleled but indeed »preceded« in time, large portions of the known scripts of Babylon/Sumer, Egypt, Greece, and also the narratives of the much younger Bible. 

Indeed, this very ancient script and language, which I can only presume, is the ancient Atlantean language, offers answers to the many questions that this entire mysterious puzzle presents. A puzzle which has baffled us since antiquity!  


If my assumptions are correct, we would have stumbled onto an invaluable treasure which is the birthright of all humanity! 





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Portrait of a Godlike Designeress. Translated legend. Stone size 8,5 x 7 cm
Stone with engraved protractors and pit plan Stone size 9,5 x 8 cm
Stone with pits digs -, and route course plan Stone size 9,5 x 8 cm
Engraved stone tablet Translated legend: Stone size 12 x 10 cm
Engraved stone tablet Translated legend: The age of the disaster, caused by the godlike black demons. Stone size 7,5 x 10 cm
Translated legend A: The seducers of the age Nose reins are positioned. Stone size 12 x 10 cm
Engraved stone tablet Translated legend: The origin of the ages and all the life. Stone size 12 x 10 cm
Translated legend B: The seducers of the age and their Nose reins.
Open sea proficient dragon ship with front and stern spoilers; Legend translated.
Reverse: The tree of life Stone size 10 x 6 cm

Stone type, determined by a renowned German institute: 

Montmonoliths – It is a not malleable clay stone with portions of Calcite (CaCo3), Quartz and Glimmers crystals. The layer of silicate is very well crystallized as well.  

The signs themselves on the slab are weathered and look exactly like the rest of the rock.  


Location of discovery: Burrows-Cave, southern Illinois USA 


This is no Fraud the slabs are of prehistoric original.