Sisters Of The Eternal Fires

Guardians of the Holy Grail 

The Lord of the Atlantic Records Asu.ara tSi.dha has instructed me to make an appeal to gather the priestesses of sisterhood again, and bring back the sisters to the specific path of the goddess Ashtar-tara.

Guardian and the Holy Grail 

But first, you should understand: “When I speak about the eternal virgin beings, I literally mean Spirit/Soul entities1) who once had decided to go the path of the Divine Feminine forever!” Especially in their particular bodies created on Earth, they were designed to serve the goddess as… 

“Sisters of the Eternal Fire”! 

 Who or what are these Sisters? 

 Approximately 86,400 years ago, 11 Higher-selfs aka Souls aka Spirits incarnated in youthful women’s bodies promised an eternal lasting oath respecting their virginity. However, this doesn’t mean that the sexual contact with a man was prohibited them. In the opposite; they were allowed to have sexuality contacts with the restriction they never become pregnant!!! Because in their 3-dimensinoal body who originated from the highly potent personal blood line of the goddess, the Mistress of Atlantis, these Sisters have a particular gene in the makeup of their Trunk cells / DNA, which leads the bearer of this gene to a quite different sexual behaviour! 

The sexuality of these women isn’t based on simply instinct- controlled sex to beget descendants. Instead, with their particular love-game ritual they reach the vibration of the 6th Dimension in order to become two in ONE! For this love-game ritual a sister had selected a different polarized twin who was a hot-blooded but gentle vital lover. As Gemini’s they was mutually attracting each other, and with this they attained wholeness again! With this love-game ritual they followed the sample of Ashtar-tara and her Twin brother Asu.ara tSi.dha! These particular couples were pushed and driven by the sources of vitality called Tāt.tvām…  (= Skt… This I AM I self)   

The sisters promised the eternal vow at the “Abode of the secrets”, which was also known as the ꞌTemple of Loveꞌ. With this oath they allied themselves with the feminine energy of the God Queen. Henceforth they became sisters of the eternal fire of Ashtar-tara, in order to fulfill their mission on earth as preservers of the feminine wisdom.  

What is feminine wisdom? 

 The answer you will receive at my seminars on Malta! 

For this eternally lasting task through the millennia in the innumerable new live-time experiences in virginity, the prepared genetic material, the Trunk cells/DNA of the sister’s 3-dimensional body have been repeatedly infiltrated with the old knowledge. As Virgin-guardians of the Holy Grail and the old knowledge they were always capable to balance out the radiation of most powerful radio-active electromagnetic fields to their own benefit! But it happens from time to time that a sister in a new incarnation ≈ life time experience is incapable to accomplish the calibration of the mental mind with her true Higher-self, the soul. The reason is, in the course of her present life-time, she is influenced by imposed human norms, from political or religious thought models and concepts where fear, confusion, malevolence and envy are predominant! 

Admittedly, she feels in the course of her life with her mental ego-body a constantly recurrent, strangely strong inner vibration, which expresses in a high adrenaline level. 

This stress hormone causes fear-feelings interconnected with a higher heart frequency, heart lawns, an increasing blood pressure and a shortness of breath; if this happen she usually lies paralyzed in the bed. 

Since she has no access to her subconscious these symptoms are unknown to her, which yet more increases the fear feeling.  Since she has no idea what’s happen to her therefore these fear-feelings often pursue her whole life!   

Sometimes on certain, highly energetic places, she feels this vibration so extremely strong that she suddenly become a bad feeling at the stomach and perceive the urge that she have to leave the place immediately. 

On these particular highly energetic places her Higher Self is extremely active because the advanced entity is still on the predicted path and has not forgotten the sworn ancient vow! 

Since the sister is incapable to accomplish the calibration of the mental mind with her true Higher-self, she is not aware that this sense of inner vibration is a signal to recognize her role and the predetermined path in her present life-time experience!  

Also she does not know that on these places the high powered energy of the 6th dimension still vibrates there in the electromagnetic spectrum of 1 trillion cycles per second; this Exahertz-vibration was the standard level during the time of Atlantis!  

Either, she is not aware that at these particular places, her hidden abilities to become a medium could be activated, which results in a transformation process. The wave lengths at this frequency spectrum are the absolute power for the creator of the universe. As tools of the evolution, they exert immediate influence on the human organism and his psyche. This mean, the high powered waves causes the transformation of the human body’s cell-structure! The effect of this extremely high powered energy (vibration) can described as follow: 

At first slightly pains in the joints and muscles, associated with a relative tiredness and down feeling during the process the transformation; 

Through the blood is revalued and leads to the change of the cell-structure of the entire physical body; 

Thereupon are developed enormous mentally, telepathic and spiritually-medially abilities; 

Than the process of getting old is slowed down, the result is for ever young; 

All over sudden one is able to recognize the Higher self in the body, and knows one is not alone!   

If she does not react with her mental ego body to this inner voice the Higher-self/Soul will eventually try to leave the body, which articulates itself in unexplained accidents or diseases such as … stroke, cancer, or heart attack! Without outside help, the sister will probably not come back to the path of the vow!  

Since she was not enlightened, she doesn’t realize that the sudden, occurring Adrenaline-hocks are hints that should help to recognize the role in her life und the predestined fateful path.  

Therefore, well-substantiated enlightenment is necessary!!! 

What happened by these mystic “magic rituals in which the “Sisters of the eternal fires” have played an essential role?  

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During meditations you will have more than one deep experience, which will lead you again back to your physical well-being; I am absolutely sure!  

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Existing Highest femininity 



  1.  What is ta Higher Self / Spirit / Soul entity?   


A Soul aka Higher Self is an “Entity of the eternal being” who has fundamentally a physical body as well but in an energetically neutral vibration, which belongs to a much higher 6th dimension. The Higher Self however, is also known as Astral, Light, Ether, as well as fine material body. The cell structure of this particular body vibrate in the electromagnetic spectrum of 1 trillion cycles per second (=Exahertz). This speed is much faster than the speed of light, through what the Higher-Self’s physical body dematerializes and changes into the 4th physical state. This is the reason why this 6th dimensional Spirit entity in our lower 3rd dimensional world is invisible to us!  


A Higher Self aka Soul/Spirit is an “Entity of the eternal being” who has fundamentally a physical body as well but in an energetically neutral (0) vibration, which belongs to the much higher 6th dimension. 




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