The Figura Baphomet

A concept and a mythical object of the Secret department for scientific studies within the Order of the Knights Templar, the 


My research into the Figura Baphomet has led me to believe that during this highly spiritual phase at the Mount Untersberg Commandery, Hubertus received drawings to construct a remarkable and magical machine! During this time there were only two short interruptions besides the fact that Hubertus was away for a while for a visit to the city of Vienna. Hubertus frequent trips abroad began in 1241 after the completion and final transfer of the “Great revelation”. 


The purpose of Hubertus’ travels can be found even today on a Commandery record where it is noted in a woman’s handwriting that “he (Hubertus) would place small Figurines’ everywhere because he was totally convinced of their vibrational frequency and their high-powered radiation! 


And I have therefore concluded that … In order to celebrate the “magic” rituals ordered by Ashtar-tara, she who is (Ishtar isai) Hubertus ordered the production of the Figurines of Baphomet in the cities of Augsburg or Cologne because these cities were famous for their skilled artistry in various handcrafts. Also, at this time, there were already well documented statements that mentioned the existence of a “Magna Figura; i.e. the Great Baphomet.   

It is hardly likely that Hubertus would undertake these trips through half of Europe just to visit old War comrades in the various Templar Commanderies! Rather he travelled in order to garner support for his program and place the Baphomet Figurines for them to be used for secret magic rituals in the numerous Commanderies across Europe, although not in those of France, Italy and Spain!  


 I have reason to believe that Hubertus himself took part in secret rituals held by the scientists of the Order not as a simple participant but as a celebrant at these rituals. I believe he was the leading initiator of these rituals, which were celebrated upon the instruction of the goddess Ashtar-tara’s, she who is (Ishtar isai). Doubtless these rituals were influenced by the high-powered radiation emanating from the “Magna Figura” of Baphomet. Besides Hubertus and the members of the secret section for scientific studies of the Knights, Ashtar-tara’s “Sisters of the Eternal Fires”, were also involved. Hubertus must have been the decisive initiator of these magic rituals! The source of this information is of my memory of this time and records filed at the Grand Commandery Vienna. 


For the sake of clarity, I would like to state that this machine i.e the “Figura Baphomet” is often mistakenly confused with the Goatfaced figure associated with the devil used by the Freemasons! 


With the shutdown of the small Commandery at the Mount Untersberg in the Berchtesgaden area, which now forms part of the State of Bavaria / Germany, in approximately 1315, the Department for Scientific Studies of the Knight Templars was disbanded; in the 19th. Century however, it experienced a type of Renaissance as the Revelation of Ishtar (Ashtar-tara, she who is) to the Knight Commander Hubertus was rediscovered in the archives of the former Templar Grand Commandery in the city of Vienna in Austria. 

Unfortunately, the mistaken interpretation of the old text caused an extensive European cultural crisis, whose effect had fatal consequences for the population of Europe! 


Not only was the old text misinterpreted but also the sense and purpose of the figure of the “Baphomet”. Responsible for all this fatal errors was the French deacon and later Occultist Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born as Alphonse Louis Constant from Paris (8th February 1810 31st May 1875). He is regarded as the pioneer of the modern occult necromancy of the 19th Century. In order to advance his theories, he used the teachings of Marcion of Sinope (144AD). Marcionism was an Early Christian dualist belief system, which he manipulated to suit his neo-occult sessions. 


Fact is, the Marcionites saw the Devil in the God Yahweh of the Old-testament and they depicted Yahweh as a fallen Angel and depicted him with the ugly semblance of a devil. This was totally against the dogmatic teachings of the Roman church! 

Knowing the church’s symbolic representation of the fallen devil-headed angel, Éliphas Lévi Zahed introduced this Goat-headed fallen angel in his ritual for Ghost invocation during a session at the Rosicrucian lodge in London in July 1854. In order to legitimize his creation, he equated it with the Figure of Baphomet of the Temple knights. 


Illustration left:  

The‘Baphomet-Figur, drafted by Eliphas Lévi, illustration of his work Dogme et Rituel de la Haute (1854). 

Unfortunately since July 1854 this misinterpretation of the Figura Baphomet is still to be found unchanged in all esoteric literature! 

Since an original Figura Baphomet is not available today we can only make assumptions about the sense and purpose of the figure. 

The original Baphomet sculpture that is a double-headed figure of solid timber or metal (gold) was designed after the perfect Atlantean ratio by Knight Hubertus at the Bavarian Associate Knights Templar Commandery in Berchtesgaden now part of the State of Bavaria, Germany, between 1226 and 1238. 

The figure of the Bavarian Associate Knights is essentially a copy of the older and original “Akkadic/old-Babylonian” Baphomet figure. A figure like it was excavated in Babylon by the orientalist Edmund Meyer (1855-1930) in 1902. This figure was exhibited at the museum of Archaeology in Bagdad/Iraq till the Gulf war of G. W. Bush; then it mysteriously disappeared! 

The double-headed figure from Babylon shows a male and a female face, where the woman’s hair is wrapped round the man. The faces belong to the Great Sumerian goddess “Ishtar” (Skt. = Ashtar-tara) and her spouse and twin brother the Sun god Utu.Shem.esh (Skt./Sem. = who emerged out of the Sun… this is said for Asu.ara tSi.dha Patha.i.dana). 

The Sumerian records state that both are in eternal opposition to the leader of the fallen angels. As already mentioned above the leader refers to the Jewish God Yahweh but note… the Fallen angels are a very small part of the Anunaki from the planet Nibiru. Anunaki simply meansThose who came down from the Heaven (ANU) to Earth (Ki)! 

The two faces of course represent the Governing Couple of Atlantis … Asu.ara tSi.dha (Poseidon) and Mistress Ash.tar-ta.ra Queen of Atlantis! 


Before one tries to interpret the Figura Baphomet it is important to know the sense and meaning of the word. When the OldPersian phrase “Bab” and “Kome was transferred into the Semitic Akkadian/Babylonian language and then into Arabic, the word became “Bab.kome“, and finally, into Greek and it became “Baphomet”. The word Bab means mountain-shaped or tower-shaped gate which is an opening or outlet. Kome means light -ray. In fact, the Baphomet figure is a tower-shaped object with an opening to emit waves of light… invisible lighting in a specific wave formIn this context, the phrase Ilu-energy is often mentioned.   

The term “Ilu” (Ii or Al, Allah) is of Sumerian / Babylonian origin and simply  meansThe lofty ones; those who rise into the air”. The Iluentities were the early extraterrestrial inhabitants of Atlantis!   


Thus, Ilu-energy was an intelligent type of energy that is generated when a certain instrument or machine was manufactured after the principles of the perfect ratio of Atlantis. If we now understand the symbolism of the figure then everything else makes sense, because the Baphomet is an instrument that generates resonant electromagnetic waves of high-powered intelligent Auroral energy on a very high frequency spectrum that could be transformed into beaming kinetic energy!  

This particular energy was once installed by Extraterrestrial Atlantean entities on earth and had been used by them for their own purposes. 


The wave consists of two contrary, counter phase running vortexes, currents +/- (masculine/feminine) on the same frequency.  

It is an electromagnetic intelligent vortex-shaped radiation of the 6th Dimension. This type of energy is yet not available to us humans today. 

These waves are the absolute creator-power of the universe, the tools of all evolution. By using this type of energy, a morphogenetic field is generated which can have an immediate effect on the human organism and his psyche. The effect of this vibration is described as follows: .

  • A rejuvenation of the physical body?   


  • During the process it causes minor pains in the  joints and a relative listlessness and  tiredness  as temporary side effects ; 


  • Regeneration of the blood and all the cells of  the physical body;  


  • Development of  mental, telepathic and spiritual abilities; 


  • Reversing of the aging process, consequently…longevity and youthfulness; 


  • One experiences the presence of the Soul, the true I, the highest self which animates the  body.   


The Figura “Baphomet” therefore is a magic Instrument that always follows the principle of electromagnetic technology, regardless of the in which size it is constructed. If we assume that the statuette is precisely constructed and manufactured according to the laws of   sacred geometry inherent in the Cosmos, the figure becomes indeed a living “magic bio-machine that generates and emits ultra-short-wavy vibrations!   

If this statuette is indeed created according to the cosmic laws, a   horizontally beamed vortex of energy circles round the double head. This electromagnetic interaction is very strong and is in affinity with the 6th Dimension of the old Atlantis vibration.  

This Atlantis vibration called Ilu-Energy has magical power which seemingly penetrates from the other side into our world. 

The other side however is in fact here in our world, existing on a higher vibrational frequency and therefore is neither visible nor perceptible to us! 

 The other side coexists with our world, vibrating on a higher frequency and therefore is neither visible nor perceptible to us! 

 In order to access this parallel world, they performed a ten step ritual influenced by the high-powered radiation emanating from the “magic” bio-machine. This can be termed as the Science of “Spiritual alchemy” and the, for this necessary ritual… “Hieros Gamos”! Nevertheless the question remains, what happened to all those figurines? 

The purpose was the successful transmutation of the atomic cell structure of their bodies. And the result of this particular ritual is a shift into a higher Consciousness and therefore a connection with one’s own Higher Self, namely the Soul. In short the ritual of the Hieros Gamos transmutes the cells and brings about “spiritual illumination”! 

The source of radiation is always confused with the so-called Black sun. It is called ‘Black sun because it is invisible to the human eyes on earth! 

Electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency are the universal tool of Creation and have immediate influence on the bio-chemical life of the Stem cells of our body!!!      


The figure of the Baphomet was not “broadly accessible” to all the Knights Templar but was placed in almost every Commandery, except in France, Italy and Spain. The way that the figure disappeared in the years 1343/44 and the reason why Commander Hubert d’Alpes himself was gradually forgotten is a mystery 


Fact is, the knowledge and the ability to reproduce the magic Baphomet figure was by centuries, even millennia far more advanced than the technical expertise of the 13th Century. Only the 22 members of the small Bavarian Templar Commandery had this knowledge, because they had absolutely devoted themselves to the Great goddess’s mysticcosmic and faith in the dual Deity. Recognizing and understanding the Great goddess’s mysteries was and still is of fundamental importance! 



It is essential that the ONE, chosen by Ashtar-tara, she who is (=Ishtar at this time, understands the sense of the old message. He is destined to announce the forthcoming return of the Couple of Atlantean Leaders and the establishment of the new empire of light, the new Atlantis in the 21st century! This will be when time stands still for a brief moment at the event of a Winter solstice!     

Then global Mankind will also recognize this event when the sun in the autumn equinox rises in front of the constellation of Aquarius, which is visible in the background! 


For this Event we need to wait for with hope, which promises a better future for humanity!