The Fire Pillars Of Atlantis

The crystalized Atlantis fire-pillars have a deeper meaning that I have never explained!

The Freemasons call the two pillars at the entrance of each of their temples Boaz and Jachin. According to their secret knowledge, the Egyptian god of knowledge Thout injected his hidden knowledge into the two pillars, but this knowledge has not been revealed to any mortal or to any high-degree brother or sister of a more secret society until now. In truth however, this knowledge comes from the knowledge of the most brilliant Natural scientist that gods, demigods, or humans living on earth have indeed ever seen; it is the male part of the Atlantis leader duo… Asu.ara tSi.dha. In the reflections after the Flood he became known as Poseidon (Patha.i.dana), respectively Shiva ≈ the Three-Eyed, Hermes Trismegistos ≈ the Triple-Great, as Thout of the Egyptians or the Sumerian Niin.ish.zida!

The basis of this particular knowledge is found in the cosmology of the universe which had created itself from primary material vortex energy. At the beginning of all, in very primeval time there was only one energy vortex, that means plus and minus had been one unit; this is called… androgynous. Later the prime-energy divided itself into two vortices. Thus the poles – and +, i.e. female and male energy were created; it is the concept of two electromagnetic vortex forces acting in counterpart directions, but connected with each other. One vortex is contracting in its rotation, thus creating coldness. The second is expanding in its rotation and thus generates heat. The cosmology of the universe consists therefore of two oppositely rotating equivalent vortices, which complement each other and form thereby an inseparable unit!

In Taoism, the two counter-rotating electromagnetic vortices are called Yin and Yang. Yin is the female energy –. Its symbol is the crescent moon Luna (Sanskrit = ish, or Indra). The – energy represents coldness but is intuitive, creative, passive, gentle, patient, emotional, nurturing and healing.

Yang is the male energy +. Its symbol is the sun disk (Sanskrit = asu). The + energy represents warmth, motivation, drive, determination and with an outgoing activity towards people that emphasizes the mind. Balanced, the two energy vortices form the primordial matter, the prima materia.

For millions of years on earth, living extraterrestrial ancestors have transferred this physical property to us humans. Like these, also we humans walk as the only refined mammal correctly upright and were separated into the two oppositely acting, but inseparably connected vertebral bodies. Accordingly, the woman as the female principle and the man as the male principle form the two pillars. The will to find a partner, is the striving of the two vertebrae for balance. This succeeds however, only if both vibrate on the same high electromagnetic frequency and stand thus in resonance to each other,


if the chemistry is correct!

If this is true, both feel a tremendous erotic attraction, which results in the so-called ‘Holy wedding night respectively Hieros Gamos’. In this state of highest emotional excitement both are charged with positive energy, which is reflected in the global energy field of the aura. Then, during the ecstatic orgasm, when both balance and merge their force fields that is plus and minus, heat combines with cold, they produce a fire that does not smoke, namely… an electromagnetic wave in an extremely high frequency range of 1015 Hz, that is a quadrillion cycles per second.

The divine consciousness thus attained brings the unconditional love, harmony and bliss and one loves the beloved partner just as one loves oneself!


Boaz & Jachin