The Mediterranean Mini Snake

The smallest Snake of the Mediterranean

This Mediterranean miniature snake is only five centimetres long and is smaller than other miniature snakes discovered so far. According to the evolutionary theories of Biologists however, such a small animal cannot exist! However, until approximately 12,000 years ago biological life on Earth was very different! At that time the Mediterranean kettle was very different from how we know it today. It was in fact he territory of  Atlantis also referred to in ancient texts as the “Promised land”!   

Until the catastrophy in the form of a huge Tsunami with an approximately 500 metre high wave which entirely swallowed up Atlantis, the Mediterranean kettle enjoyed very mild climatic conditions. These fair climatic conditions guaranteed regular rain precipitation, vital for the expansive green savanas and the animals that lived there; those were conditions which are to be found today only in Central and East Africa.  


In Goddess Ashtar-tara’s Atlantean domain the smallest snake in the world, had the ideal conditions to survive!    

Presently Evolution-biologists are of the opinion that such snakes are not able to survive because natural selection does not allow snakes to survive if too small as their offspring would find nothing suitable for them to eat. However the discovery of this fossilized snake bears witness to this theory!    

With what this Mediterranean miniature snake nourished itself is unknown, but presumably it ate small insects or their larvae. 

 Worked out by: 

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr. 


Prehistoric Research Foundation 

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