The Pillars Of Atlantis

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This book deals with the unsolved mysteries of the past around the 25 grandiose stone temple temples in Malta. In a captivating way, the author takes us back to the bygone era of the giants and their legendary epoch … that of Atlantis. Did the giants really exist? And was the sunken Atlantis her worldwide base? Was Malta an energy center for this very early civilization, a power station, so to speak? And did the misuse of active radiant energy already lead to an all-destroying worldwide catastrophe well before our time?
Even today our earth is surrounded by a radiant energy field whose cause and meaning is puzzling. Who created it and for what purpose? What do the stone tablet texts from the distant past, which the author has discovered and which have since been deciphered, want to tell us?
Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair, the renowned private scholar for prehistoric and Atlantis research, discoverer of the underwater temple Gebel Gol-Bahar, raises controversial questions after years of careful research and gives well-founded answers. He was obsessed with answering the following three questions:
-who are you-
-where are you going-
-Where did you come from?
In search of answers, his intuition led him to the island of Malta, which revealed its secrets to him during his studies.
Not only the terrestrial grids make our hair stand up. Hubert Zeitlmair’s work presented here is also doing it.

Review Hubert Zeitlmair
“The Pillars of Atlantis – Malta”
A special stroke of genius has succeeded the publisher with this publication of the author Hubert Zeitlmair. The renowned private scholar for prehistoric and discoverer of the underwater temple Gebel Gol Bahar raises new, explosive questions and at the same time presents well-founded answers in an easily understandable way. With meticulous precision, the author leads us to the mysteries of Malta, showing us that this small island with its megaliths, the 25 stone temple temples, the monumental ruins and remnants of ancient civilizations harbors a global mystery, now out of the shadows of the past evident. Zeitlmair found connections with ancient, highly technological cultures, the “giants” and the sunken island continent of Atlantis, which seem to be confirmed by ancient traditions and writings. If you want to know more about the origins of Malta, Atlantis, and possibly all of our civilization, this book is for you.
Roland Roth
December 31, 2001

The Pillars of Atlantis – Malta –
Atlantis has been sought in many places, including the Mediterranean. But unlike many other authors, the author does not quote Plato and interprets this page by page. No, Hubert Zeitlmair researched on site and conducted fieldwork. In this way, he managed to discover a previously unknown temple of Malta, which lies underwater off the coast.
He adds further evidence that the sea level of the Mediterranean was once much lower and caused the waves to tumble across several branches of science, meaning that there was at least one highly developed culture before the flood. This ultimately leads to the fact that the history books have to be rewritten sometime, because the Stone Age is much longer ago, as is taught today. And the beginnings are not located in Mesopotamia, but hidden in the darkness of the times. The author shows that the mountain, which today is only an island, once was a mining area for copper ore and otherwise had a high cultural significance. He points out that the many Maltese temples served a specific purpose, namely the observation of a certain celestial body, which caused catastrophes with its passage on the earth again and again and is called Nibiru. The author translated the few stone tablets that were found in the temples and these confirm his thesis.
He associates the ancient culture of Malta with the civilization of the giants, who, according to many ancient sources in ancient times, ruled the earth and were also destroyed by the Flood. The finding of some 7,000 human skeletons, in the famous Hypogeum, testifies that the inhabitants of the former Malta region, in the higher elevations, inside the mountain of Malta, sought refuge from an impending event, where they were still affected by the power of the Flood drowned.
Anyone interested in the origin and destination of humanity will gain new perspectives and a new understanding of what happened in the past and could happen again in the near future.
Patrizia Pfister
Fuchsstadt, September 26, 2001

The pillars of Atlantis –


Hubert Zeitlmair
Nonfiction book 308 pages with 95 illustrations
Published 2001 by the Ancient Mail publishing house Werner Betz Groß-Gerau
ISBN 3-935910-00-2
Price: 19,50 € plus. 3,50 € postage and. Shipping costs within the FRG

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Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair