The Rose Of

The Rose Of

Introductory remark: 


Regarding this controversial topic, during my Seminars/Courses on Malta you will receive a detailed explanation! Meanwhile have a look at link: “Pilgrim’s trip to the island of the Goddess!” 

The Rose of 

The Rose of the orbiting-one in heaven 

The language of the signs on this coin-like oject of stone is the already mentioned proto-Sanskrit dialect, it is a very ancient Aryan but not Vedic. Following the method of German linguist Kurt Schildmann†, I was able to read and understand these, for me not, strange signs. 


If you try to accept, then the world of the explicable opens for you!

There is the legend to the depiction left: 


    vi.ta.da             sha.ra   


Stems from the Circling one, the thunderous bright shining star! 


Two dots in a circle (globes with an opening) are clearly recognizable before the right shoulder. 

This is a pictogram representing two globe-like Star bases.  This is a clear hint that she is in the rank of a commanding admiral; in other words:  


“She is the commander of two spherical Star-bases!” 


The pictogram; a dot in the circle ≈ Circum point in a 3 dimensional shape this is represented by a mound of sediment with a circle opening in the midst 

Unambiguous also is – this is a WOMAN! 


She is all, which has been; 


She is all, which is,; 


She is all, which shall be! 



Regarding this subject, the 31,000 and 4,200 years old Stone tablets in particular the tablets kar.ra 07, 08, 12 and 14 speaks a clear and unequivocal language. They doubtless confirm the existence of three Star-bases from the mighty star-like planet Nibiru. 

This Star-bases orbiting in clockwise direction around the planet Saturn, Moon and Earth. They carries the most developed human life we can imagine! There is no question, the Commanding Fleet’s Admiral of these 3 Star-bases is Ashtara, the Rose of Sharōn better Sha.rān. She was also known as Mistress of the changeable fate or Designer of life and Mistress from the Eight because she stems from the bright shining star – Nibiru 

Nibiru is the eight heavenly body of our Solar System if it is counted from our planet Earth looking out into space beyond Pluto (7)! This is the reason why Ashtara is always depicted by the symbols of an eight-rayed star and a rose!! 


In this regard, being the power of the Nibiruans in our solar system the »Rose of Sharōn ≈ Sharān« was also called the »Lily of the lower world«planet Earth! 

Skt. sha.ra, meaning »orbit« andOn more precisely An is relating to the »Bright Light at the sky«. Rose of Sharon means nothing else than 


 a Female-being of »supreme excellence« from an orbiting bright shining heavenly body! 





 Location of discovery: Burrows-Cave, southern Illinois USA 

 Stone type: Montmonoliths – It is a not malleable clay stone with portions of Calcite (CaCo3), Quartz and Glimmers crystals. The layer of silicate is very well crystallized as well.  

The signs themselves on the slab are weathered and look exactly like the rest of the rock.  


»This engraved slabs are undoubtedly original copies and no fake!!«