The Tal-Qadi Tablet

The Tal-Qadi Slab

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The Stone slab of Tal-Qadi   


An  Inconvenient Cosmologic Record 


The tablet was found at tal-Qadi temple, 2 km inland from Salina Bay in Malta. Its importance is consistently ignored and its text completely misinterpreted. Many experts solely recognize the symbol of the ‘waxing moon’ and some stars which happen to be eight-rayed, but they totally ignore the strange script-signs on the slab.  


If you try to accept, then the world of the explicable opens for you! 


The language of the signs on this stone tablet is the already mentioned proto-Sanskrit dialect; it is a very ancient Aryan but not Vedic. Thanks to the German linguist, Kurt Schildmann† I was able to read and understand these, for me not, strange signs and pictograms, which are not only simply asterisks. Therefore If one is able to read these signs, the stone tablet becomes lively and to a significant find, which point directly to a certain period of time during the ages of Atlantis! This significant archaeological discovery sheds light on a range of esoteric details, among them is the layout of our primeval solar system … at the time before the Earth came into being, approximately 3.88 billion years ago; and sheds light on the star-like planet ‘Nibiru’ whose connection with our solar system will shortly be clearly provided. As we may soon discover, the text in the tablet also make references to two of the seven planet-like Nibiruan satellites and its commander in charge. 


The slab has the shape of an ‘Aries head’; clearly visible is the muzzle and the nose. On the basis of this shape we can assume that the slab was shaped, and manufactured in the Zodiac-age of the Aries! Since this time a full platonic year, a cycle of 25,920 years plus almost two further platonic months of 4,320 years have passed! 

If one takes a look on the tablet from the mentioned view and reads the text in a certain way one recognises instantaneously what the ice age chronicler wanted to tell us about 32.399 years ago 


As are many prehistoric texts, the tal-Qadi tablet is another inconvenient record that announces the near end of a cycle. If we want to understand the Temples astronomically orientation and therefore its purpose we must have an understanding about the Earths precession relatively to certain stars. Precession arises because the Earth’s axis of rotation moves around against its rotation (precesses) at a slow rate 1° degree in 72 years completing one revolution every 25,920 years. The effect of precession is that the earth’s axis and therefore its poles revolve with reference to the celestial sphere of fixed stars and consequently stars that are presently visible from a particular temple location of observation may be invisible in a few centuries hence and vice versa for stars which are presently invisible from that latitude.   

According to the Greek astronomer Hipparchus (150 BC), who has re-discovered this seemingly general movement of stars he called Precession. He fixed that a precession-cycle starts from the age of Aries, and runs to the Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and so on till to that of Taurus. From the cycle’s completion up till today two further platonic months of 2,160 years each have passed; i.e., Aries and Pisces, and now entering Aquarius. In fact the tal-Qadi tablet announces the near end of a cycle of 32,400 years!  


That the end of a time will come to occur is confirmed in the book of revelation as follows:  


“. . .after one time and another time and a half period of time!!” 

 Revelation 12:14 

Now the  Tablets – Description & Translation 


It is divided into five sections facing northwest, the astronomical direction to which our solar system is aligned – to the centre of our galaxy, which is a Black hole. 


Top left: 

From northwest an invisible cosmic force is projecting a cluster of rays, which divides the slab in five sections.  


In section 1 

are depicted 2 Script signs and 1 Pictogram  


Deciphered thus:  


“Most supreme heavenly domicile by number Eight.” 

The clustered Sanskrit syllables – as.tra translate a heavenly body as “inhabitant domicile”, which is a supreme by the number Eight. As we may soon discover, this cosmic body is not our Sun but the most powerful and lofty star-like planet of our solar system by the nameNibiru’, identified and described in an unusual blood-red radiation by the Sumerians.  


Nibiru is the eighth heavenly body of the solar system if one starts counting from Earth looking out into space beyond Pluto. 

The section 2 

illustrate one script sign followed by seven asterisks.   





It reads:  


“Inhabitant” heavenly domiciles ≈ 7 heavenly bodies. This line document Nibirus seven inhabitant satellites; 


The section 3 

illustrate the sign: isch, which denotes “increase”.     


This sign refers to the waxing Moon or half Moon. This could mean a powerful event shall occur. It could presumably mean that something is growing and getting stronger around the Noon, thus disturbances in the gravity field of the Earth will occur. The effect is a Climate change on earth! 


 The section 4 

has a beautiful sign-ligature of the primordial  

                      Solar system. 


The text reads:  


Asuara   the Sun followed by 9 as.tas, heavenly bodies its nine planets; 


If we now take a second look at the arrangement of the symbols depicted on section 4, we shall see that the nine stars (wich are actually planets) follow asuara, the ‘Sun. But the order of this does not exactly conform to that of our Solar System today because it is referring to the primeval one. The tiny planet Mercury connects directly to the Sun (the asuara sign) because it is the closest to the Sun and it was there from the beginning. Further away the now missing planet ‘Ti.a.māt’ is depicted as a single one. This planet was smashed into many parts during a seemingly collision with the Nibiruan satellite North wind; the top part became planet Earth and the bottom became the Asteroid belt. 


Those three heavenly bodies, the Sun, Mercury and Ti.a.māt had once been the Celestial ‘Trinity’ of our solar system!  


Proceeding in the rightward direction, Venus and Mars are shown correctly as a pair of planets, so are Jupiter and Saturn. Next we have Pluto but not where we now place it behind Neptune; instead, it appears right beside Saturn because it had once been a satellite of Saturn. Lastly, Uranus and Neptune are depicted as a pair.   


Realize… just now you was shown the Primeval Solar System of about 3,888 billion years ago. 


The section 5 


refers to the first line and stats: 



The four as.ta signs in section 5 are arranged in the proto-Sanskrit sign ha means… disaster! Thie four six-rayed stars represent Saturn because Saturn is the fourth planet when counted from beyond Pluto inwards in the direction Earth hence and vice versa from Earth in the direction Pluto.   


Undoubtedly the tablet refers to the big Nibiru-Satellite, which now orbits Saturn instead of the planet Pluto! This satellite that is almost the size of earth is one of the three Star bases that carry the most developed human life from another world. And this is the meaning of the signs in section 5… 


She, the Designer and Giver of life, noble attracting female 

 She, the supreme protector! 


As we already know the Commanding Fleet’s Admiral of these three Star-bases is Ash.ta.ra, the Mistress from the Eight, the Rose from the circling Heavenly body. Also known as ‘Rose of Sharon’!  


This is Sanskrit… Sha.ra, meaning ‘orbit’ and ‘On or more precisely ‘An’. This is relating to the ‘Bright Light at the heaven’. Rose of Sharon means nothing else than… Female-entity of ‘supreme excellence’ from an orbiting bright shining Heavenly body! 



She, which is all that has been; 


She, which is all that is; 


She, which is all  


that shall be! 





In this regard, being the power of the Nibiruans in our solar system she also is called ‘Ash.tar-ta.ra’ the White Lily of the lower world (Earth )and no mortal man hath ever seen her unveiled! 


The report definitely clarifies: We are not the only one inhabitants of the solar system! We are not alone because the others are those people, which appear to us on Earth as SPIRITS, or respectively GHOSTS! 


We must take in mind that the ice age Astro-scientists of Atlantis, knew much more about the true galactic cosmogony, the cosmos, and its motion than we can imagine. Through their observation they had not only learned the exact knowledge about the mysterious, missing heavenly body ‘Nibiru’ and its elliptical 3.600 years lasting orbit around the Sun but they were well aware of its exact return into our Solar system! 

  There is no doubt that this stone tablet is a record and a message to future generations!  


From the syllabus of my Mystery-School 


What is Pecession? 


Which role do the ZodiacConstellation play?   


What is a platonic month? 


What is an eternity? 


What information we can discover about the topic in the book of revelation to John, where the end of the days is described, namely:   

         “… a time and two times and a half period of the time!! “     


              Revelation according to John chapters XII, verse 1,   


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