Our Research Project

As previous results of our research we can show:
• The 1999 discovery by our President in Maltese territorial waters of a unique discovery of a »megalithic« stone circle complex similar to that on land.

• The exact location of the 27 (+9) megalithic stone circle 3-leaves of Malta enabled us to demonstrate a comprehensive lattice pattern and its orientation to magnetic north. It follows: »The stone circle complexes form» a «closed form system«.
In the seminars we carry out you will learn the meaning and purpose of these systems!

• In certain places, always in the immediate vicinity of a stone circle pair, we succeeded in the proof of a prehistoric, underground, following the laws of nature artificial canal system for water treatment and probable geomagnetic energy production in connection with the above-ground stone circles. The route of the sewer pipe is turned vertically and horizontally in itself and can be assumed in the totality of the shape of an elliptical ring. The cross section of the canal tube has the shape of a hyperbola with a height of 0.90 m and a base width of 0.55 m. The overall impression of the sewer pipe, like the stone circles, conveys a specific egg-shaped profile and a spiral twist, which would correspond to the “copy” of the natural flow of water in a torrent. The sewer system carries collected surface rainwater throughout the year.

• Also in certain places, in the immediate vicinity of a pair of stone circles, we came across so-called “Artesian wells” associated with the subterranean canal system, ie communicating tubes that are always connected to clusters of 16 wells. These fountain pens are, like the stone circles, laid out in the direction of magnetically north. You will also find out why there are 16 wells at one of our seminars!

• The reconstructed, scale reproduction of a stone circle complex in its most probable original appearance; 1:50.

Research goal …
• Our goal is the implementation of our previous results to the proof of “environmentally friendly energy production” by means of “electromagnetic forces”.

• This includes the meticulous determination of the entire route and the scrupulous investigation of this subterranean network of freshwater channels, in conjunction with the water tank clusters described above, the system of overpressure vessels.

• The aim is to prove that there is a closed channel ring at a depth of 30 meters. The scope of this huge channel ring system is to be determined and the flow movement with their Antriebsmechasnismen be made understandable.

• It is necessary to investigate whether this prehistoric technique works according to the implosion spiral principle with the medium of water.

• The implosion is the counterpart to the explosion and has a structurally decreasing and compacting effect.

This compression leads to a decrease in the frictional resistance and thus to a cooling of the water to its anomaly point; 4 degrees Celsius. The thermal energy is thus converted into higher forms of energy such as – motion or life energy.

It would be a delightful idea to apply the results of our research to modern energy production – “environmentally friendly and not burdening nature”

Our success would be an “energy history rediscovery” without equal in the world !!

Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.