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Reconstruction of the temple Tal Qadi.ya

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Image: Tal Qadi.ya Temple in April 2021

“I am Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr. from Bavaria state, Germany; Professor for Prehistory & Atlantis research; Founder and research executive of the Maltadiscovery Prehistory Research Foundation No. 111; Discoverer of the unique underwater Megalith-temple complex of Gebel Gol-Bahar.”

“It’s possible to ruin your health just to get rich and famous.

 Marked by illness … you then spend a lot of money at various institutions to get well again. Modern medicine helps you to live with the illness, and so you believe you are immortal! But nevertheless you are still afraid of what may come!”

“I’m telling you, you are not really alive!”




Are you often plagued by the following questions…


–  Why do the same problems repeat themselves over and over again?


–  Why is nothing running smoothly for me?


–  Why don’t my life circumstances change?


–  Why do I feel so burned out?


–  Why do I feel such an emptiness inside?


Well … each of us has a certain path (destiny) to go in life. If you do not move on the predetermined path, through your activities you create the problems that are constantly repeated. So you yourself are the creator of your life reality!

Help will come, from me because at my seminar in Malta you will receive the answer to all your pressing questions and the solution to your problem!

I can really help because for almost 30 years I have been dealing with the first civilization of mankind, which has disappeared in the dark of history! We call this culture nation Atlantis. For me, Atlantis is definitely not a fictional myth from ancient times. The energetic radiation that is still present but invisible to us from this era definitely still influences our psyche and thus our reality in the here and now!

Malta still has many places of power from this time. The motto of my seminars is … I am a spirit in a body!

If you accept that you are a spirit being in a 3-dimensional body, with my help you will have access to your light body, i.e. to the Higher self.

The key to spiritual is knowledge is the “Spiritual Alchemy”! By means of my highly energetic rituals, there is a transmutation, i.e. a change in the atomic cell structure of your body! However, this process of change requires a completely new mental thinking. But the result is the achievement of a higher level of consciousness, namely:

“Illumination ≈ enlightenment”!

With this new perspective you will recognize your predetermined path and the inner emptiness will be replaced by bliss!

You’re starting to live again in happyness!

If you would like to grasp the mysterious, spiritual world of the supernatural of Atlantis with me You can experience all this during my seminar and the Workshop-excursions at the energetically high powered places!

Therefore don’t hesitate!…

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