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Reconstruction of the temple Tal Qadi.ya
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Great Spirits

are always on the

fierce resistance of

mediocre people encountered!

Albert Einstein

Image: Tal Qadi.ya Temple in April 2021

“I am Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair h.c.Dr. from Bavaria state, Germany. I am an internationally recognized Atlantis researcher; Founder of Maltadiscovery Research Foundation, and Chair of the Research Executive Committee into the Mysteries of Atlantis. I am the Discoverer of the Underwater Megalithic temple complex Gebel Gol-Bahar in the northern waters of Malta.

For almost 30 years I have been researching into the cultural nation of Atlantis, the first civilization of mankind, which has disappeared in the darkness of time! Thus I am aware of it, therefore to me, Atlantis is definitely not some fictional myth from ancient times. The invisible healing power of the energetic radiation of this era is still real here in Malta and can definitely influence our psyche and thus our well-being in the here and now!”

The transformation in a better life

• You feel stuck… the same problems keep repeating themselves!

• You feel overwhelmed, nothing is going right!

• You suffer from chronic pain all over your body!

• You are constantly plagued by unresolved fears!

You feel an inner emptiness totally burned out!


Note each of us has a certain path (destiny) to go in life. If you do not move on the predetermined path, through your activities you create the problems that are constantly repeated. So you yourself are the creator of your life reality!

The key to mental and physical well-being is a transformational coaching through “Spiritual Alchemy”! During my Atlantis Transformation Sessions at a highly energetic location in Malta, I can help you discover and resolve the root cause of your problems.Learn more about...

The electromagnetic power from Atlantis times

Do you would like to grasp with me the mysterious spiritual world of the supernatural Atlantis and the healing of all your problems, you can experience all this during my seminar and the Workshop-excursions at the energetically high powered places! Learn more about …


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Prof. Hubert Zeitlmair.





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